50 Cent Blames Floyd Mayweather For His Friend Earl Haynes' Murder-Suicide

Too Far?? 50 Cent Implies That Floyd Mayweather Was At The Center Of Earl Hayes’ Murder-Suicide With Wife Stephanie Mosely

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50 Cent Blames Floyd Mayweather For His Friend Earl Haynes’ Murder-Suicide

This 50 Cent/Floyd Mayweather beef just keeps on picking up all kinds of collateral damage along the way…

Now, the deaths of two of Floyd Mayweather’s affiliates, Earl Hayes and Stephanie Mosely, have been dragged into the fray. If you’ll recall, the TMT-affiliated rapper and associate of Floyd’s shot his wife dead before killing himself back in 2014.

It was already known that Floyd was on Facetime with the rapper when he flew into a rage and gunned down his estranged wife — all in full view of Floyd. Officials originally thought that the champ had somehow riled Hayes up over his wife’s supposed infidelity with Trey Songz — which was rumored to have caused their two-year estrangement — and other entertainers in the years since their unofficial split.

Now, 50 Cent is indicating that Floyd’s own grimy behavior toward Haynes’ wife is what truly set him off, and ultimately caused both their deaths:

He beat 50 men, 11 women and caused 2 body’s keep calling me and I’m gonna show champ. 🤨get the strap

Floyd, you are the champ but you a sucker at heart. You want it all. I know, I watched you do some foul shit to Reala and he is your best friend. When he broke up with his girl Jessica, you kept her around, got her an apartment, bought her a car because you wanted to fuck her. Reala ain’t sweat it. He was keeping it, playa. Haze just wasn’t built like that. Tell everybody why you was on FaceTime when he killed Stephanie and himself. Because he was confronting you about fucking his wife. You was pumping all that Trey Songz shit, get the fuck outta here. You didn’t give a fuck you just went to watch the ball game. 🤨get the strap #lecheminduroi

50 Cent never holds back in his beefs and obviously isn’t scared to make things messy. But is he taking it too far dragging in two deceased people who passed under tragic circumstances, and aren’t here to speak for themselves on the matter??




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