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Lawrence Taylor Once Wore Handcuffs To Team Meeting

Lawrence Taylor is an all-time great. He’s also a very accomplished football player.

LT has been through more in his life than most people, even professional athletes, will experience in ten, or twenty.

Today, another of the Taylor’s classic tales of shenanigans have come to light courtesy of his former teammate Carl Banks’ appearance on ESPN’s Get Up! Lawrence Taylor once attended a team meeting in handcuffs after a very long night…

Via NYDailyNews

“We have these meetings the night before the game and everyone is looking around for LT. And we know he’s in the hotel. And he’s got both of his hands underneath his sweater. Lights are off and we’re watching film….and we hear (makes soft metal clanging sound) and we go ‘what’s going on with you?’ and he says ‘I’m handcuffed’, right…from you know…” said Banks, suggesting it was the result of a wild night between the sheets.

“It may have been (an adult film star),” laughed Banks. “And he was handcuffed in cuffs the cops did not have keys for.”

Banks says that the local police didn’t have the keys to unlock Taylor, so a Dallas State Trooper had to come down to free the Pro-Bowl baller.

Lawrence Julius Taylor. Hot mess hall-of-famer.



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