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Man Claims To Put Waste And Bodily Fluids In Black Customer’s Food

A racist name Chris Ditta bragged on Facebook about poisoning Black customers at his old restaurant job, and he’s infuriating folks who are trying to find out where he worked. Currently, Chris Ditta presents himself as a real estate developer from Terrytown, Louisiana.

In his post, the man had claimed to find satisfaction in putting bodily fluids and waste into food of “baboons” who don’t tip. Here are screen shots from the post that reads:

“I’m aware that Black customers don’t tip. I worked for the restaurant business sometime in New Orleans, and that’s why they got a little something extra in their food. The best part was watching them eat it.”

His language gets worse, calling Black people baboons and primates.

After the post circulated, it was falsely tied to Joe’s Cafe by someone on social media, but their restaurant is denying it, since they’ve received several threats.

Their full statement is below:

“Rumors are circulating social media that Joe’s Café employs an individual under the social media profile of Chris Ditta of Terrytown whose Facebook profile contains extremely racist and profane comments. This assumption is false and incorrect. We do not employ this individual, associate with this individual, and do not support or condone these views. Joe’s Café was a target of an individual or individual(s) who maliciously intended to cause economic harm to our business and our family’s reputation. We value all of our customers and employees regardless of race. We have raised our family on Christian values and embed these values into our 30-year business in the treatment of our employees and customers. We are currently investigating the parties involved”


Chris Ditta has deleted his Facebook but folks are still trying to figure out where the racist man works. They have sent messages to another business called Creole Cuisine Concepts where a man with the last name “Ditta” had been employed. But, they also deny employing such a horrible person.

SMH, at the very least he should be arrested for admitting to poisoning people. SO DISGUSTING.



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