Al’s Mom: “My Son Didn’t Want a Divorce”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Al’s mom says he didn’t want a divorce:

“He did not want this divorce at all. He wanted to stay married. I think Star wanted the divorce, not Al.”

Yeah we’re sure he didn’t want a divorce from Star, she was caking him up something proper.


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  • Bird

    Uh, Perez Hilton is reporting that Nick and Mariah are married.

  • Official TimeHater

    I’ll just bet he didn’t, he’s not ready to get out of her saggin’ pockets yet!

  • Melinda

    Of course he didn’t want a divorce Star’s money is way longer… but she is no one fool and I believe she wanted out before she was humiliated by what appears to be a Brotha on the DL I can smell the sugar.

  • $moK.E.Y.


  • I'm Just Me

    ILL…Who cares. That man is gay as all get out! She should want a divorce. He doesn’t wanted to be exposed for the Dorothy that he is.

  • I cant say...

    Al has money- his parents are loaded so he was raised in a very privileged household. Star gave him status, but he was never a broke down dude… He’s attractive and very metrosexual (are we still using that term) for a male. She did alright I just wish they could have lasted a bit…. Touche!!

  • guilty pleasure

    Maybe, he can hook up with Eddie Murphy now………

  • Suga Mo

    Uh! He was never down low. You could still spot his flaming ass in a cave covered in tar with black fur underwear caressing his flemsy ass. He wasn’t fooling no one. She’s just cock eyed so she didn’t see it.

  • Sara

    How does an intelligent woman, a lawyer, not know that her man is gay and also using her? She can’t keep a man or a job. Please Star, get it together. You could have been a good role model for the sisters.

  • Old Timer

    Any woman who marries a man that is younger and better looking than she is will NEVER be HAPPY!!

  • Purple Snapple Juice

    Wanting the divorce would mean the end of his free ride. I believe her.

    @ i’m just me

    Sup gurl. Where u at?

  • Old Timer

    Well, at least she can say that she WAS MARRIED ONCE!! She’s not a bitter old spinster who was forever waiting on a man to propose to her like KIM PORTER!!

    At least she didn’t have no sugar babies with Al, that would have been too sweet.

  • Afiya

    😆 check out Moms trying to squash the rumors…of course he didn’t want to divorce his meal ticket…DUH!

  • Raven

    Eww @ gossip cloning perez’s graffiti.

    Be original, suckas.

  • elle

    that sucks when its not mutual

  • Somer

    SO WHAT MOM! Of coarse he didn’t want to divorce his cash cow! He can’t afford to continue his swinging gay playboy lifesyle without stupid ass Star. He can’t afford to pay for some beach chairs.

  • TallAsEver

    Tying his sneaks that tight, everyone shoulda known he was fruited!

  • Anywhoo

    This is one ugly dude.

  • Doc

    lets just put it like this 2 queens cannot be married to each other.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    LOL, Al didn’t want a divorce because he realized his proverbial 15 mins. of fame is slowly coming to an end. I mean really, who of celebrity stature will hook up with him. His options to remain in the limelight will be to a)write a tell-all book b)do a stupid reality show c) hook up with an openly gay celeb (since I don’t think any hetero female in Hollywood will look at him twice after this).

    The worst that can happen is that he’ll fade back into obscurity. *shrugging*

  • MrsLaadee

    What kind of REAL MAN has his momma sticking up for him?

  • Ms.Homeboi

    Shocking! He didn’t want a divorce?!? Why would he? I hope Star’s prenup is air tight. Star is making the right decision letting Al go back to his suspect lifestyle.

  • Melinda

    Your right she is already humiliated, but still with some dignity, she can still play the dumb roll. Terry McMillan man that’s humiliation her ex-husband got paid off a book and did all kinds of queer stuff. I really don’t care who you sleep with. Just be honest bout it. The whole idea of a DL Brotha has every women spooked. We shouldn’t have to question one’s preference.

  • glok9n



    star look sick

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