Miles Stroter: Meet The Capri Sun Slurping Star Who Got Beat TF Up In Issa’s ‘Party Lyft’

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Miles Stroter Talks “Insecure”

Remember that “Insecure” scene where “Nathan With The Face” beat the brakes off that disrespectful, weed rolling, Capri sun slurping passenger in Issa’s “party Lyft”?

Well, we had to hear from the man who got hands and feet put on him in that hilarious scene after he not only disrespected Molly and Issa—but the nostalgia-inducing goodness of Fruit Frenzy foil pouches.

Miles Stroter who viewers may recognize from BET’s “The Quad” jokingly told Bossip that he and Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) filmed their fight scene in one take.

He later he revealed on Instagram that the scene actually took SEVEN HOURS to film before it turned into another hilarious moment that everyone can’t stop talking about.

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How long have you been acting? We heard that you transitioned from a Morehouse football player into an actor.

“I started acting in 2011. During the NFL lockout I received an acting opportunity on this show called “Necessary Roughness” (USA) and haven’t looked back since! Yes, I played football at Morehouse, that’s what made “the Quad” so dope, we filmed all of our scenes on the campus of Morehouse.”

We were first introduced to you on The Quad, what other roles have you had?

“I just filmed an episode of Comedy Central’s “South Side”. The Quad (BET) was my first role as series regular, before that I made appearances on shows like “Chicago Fire” (NBC), “Necessary Roughness” (USA) and “The Game” (BET).

What was it like auditioning for “Insecure”?

“It was so dope, I moved to LA back in March for pilot season and Insecure was the first audition my manager sent me on. I was overly prepared because I knew the magnitude of the show and I went into the audition room and killed it. I actually spilled the casting director’s coffee acting out the fight scene.”

What’s it like on the set of “Insecure”?

“It was a good time, as an icebreaker we played this meme card game, then for the rest of the night it was all laughs and lots of singing and more jokes. Issa and Yvonne are hilariously dope!”

How many takes it did take to get that hilarious Lyft fight correct?

“Me and Kendrick did that fight sequence in one take. Naw it took several hours to get that fight scene just right.”

Will we see you again this season?

That’s a good question. You’ll have to watch the rest of the season to find out!

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