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Kendrick Sampson Makes His “Insecure” Debut

During Sunday’s “Insecure” season 3 premiere viewers were introduced to a new character that quickly sizzled drawls.

Kendrick Sampson whose handsome face you might remember from several shows including “How To Get Away With Murder” and “The Vampire Diaries”, played Nathan, the Lyft rider who defended Issa’s honor and then dropped her a $50 tip.

And while some folks were gushing over Nathan dishing out a chivalrous a** whooping for Issa…

others couldn’t help but notice that Kendrick’s a certified scene-stealing panty melter.

What’d YOU think about Kendrick’s “Insecure” debut? We hope we’ll see more of him this season.


He’s definitely one to watch.

More Kendrick Sampson on the flip.

Did we mention that Kendrick’s woke? Kendrick and his friend Matt McGorry (also of “How To Get Away With Murder” fame) are activists who’ve made it their mission to highlight the atrocities immigrants are facing and they’re actively working to make changes.

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READ. {Swipe} & check out the rest of the articles and donation link in @mattmcgorry’s bio #repost @mattmcgorry “When people ask me about my motivation to be an activist I think about why it matters so much. This weekend connected & reminded me of my Why. And it’s simple. Our connection to each other as human beings. I don’t care that some people will say that’s so corny or whatever, but it’s my Truth. On Sunday at the border with the Refugee Caravan I saw people who simply want to live in a world where they can live without violence, persecution and hunger. To love and raise their children. To express themselves fully. I truly believe that I cannot be the person I want / strive to be without each and every person in the Caravan (& in Puerto Rico, & sitting in a prison, & sleeping on the street on Skid Row) being able to be who they want/strive to be. The contrite reasons why I have the ability to be my best self & others cannot is based on made up “realities” that serve as death notices, in all senses of the Word. Symbolic & literal in many cases. This is why I choose (privilege) to fight for a world where Black & Brown lives are as important as white lives. This is why I show up (privilege) when I can, where I can to add my voice & body to the movement to smash white supremacy & patriarchy. This why I commit to/ strive to embody a different way to be white. I know I may not see it in my lifetime, but I commit to the ideals until my last breath. Link in bio to donate! #refugeecaravan “

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Kendrick also made this message defending Colin Kaepernick.

You might as well go ahead and hit that follow button now…

Joseph Marzullo/

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Old unedited outtakes… who’s this young man? Anyway… NOW that I have y’alls attention I need y’all to GET THIS MESSAGE: Usually, I say I totally understand if people don’t like to look at the news and stay informed because it’s depressing! NOT TODAY. It’s all hands on deck. We are quickly becoming (if not already become/initiated as) the Axis powers… the aggressors of WW3. This country is barreling downhill. We need to all become soldiers of justice in this war. This is war. For human rights. We need to fight like hell for the most vulnerable. We need to fight to end this country’s legacy of hurt and oppression to people of color, esp Native, Black and Brown and to give it a NEW, TRUE reputation for justice, Love, life, liberty and equality for ALL. If you wondered what you would do during the civil rights movement and during Hitler’s reign… this is the time to prove it… to show where your true values lie. From Puerto Rico, to Flint, to Standing Rock water protectors STILL ON TRIAL, to the Black, Brown and Muslim immigrants, to racist attacks all over the country, police brutality, attacks on the trans community, attacks on women’s rights, we need ALL HANDS ON DECK in addition to your daily responsibilities. We need your perseverance, your diligence, your love, light, life and peace in full ACTIVE mode to shut this hate DOWN. Follow people like Raíces, and Hatian Bridge Alliance and @instabaji on twitter and IG AND @undocumedia @conmijente @bigindiangyasi @calinalawrence @urbannativeera and @shaunking @lsarsour @msladyjustice1 @tamikadmallory @wp4bl @osopepatrisse @docmellymel and @ocasio2018 @staceyabrams @benjealous and other progressive leaders and activists and vote these Republicans out and any Democrat who isn’t on board with protecting the most vulnerable and vote in new radical, justice oriented leaders. P.S. We need intentional, intersectional coalition and community building. #blacklivesmatter #nobannowall #shutdownsessions #PuertoRico #familiesbelongtogether #KeepFamiliesTogether #love #peace #justice

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Turn the sound on 😉 Make sure y’all go check out my @_supermamas podcast episode! I met these amazing women in Oaxaca and they want to use their platform more to bring about change. In this particular clip I’m talking about being fed up with politicians (esp on the liberal side) looking to the LEAST controversial issue to solve, which inevitably leaves out race. They look for “white” issues to solve first because they know white people will get on board and then they ask POC to help while prioritizing POC specific issues LAST if at all. We need bold, radical new leadership. #immigration #BlackLivesMatter #nobannowall “ #repost @_supermamas Happy (almost) 4th of July! 🎇When we think of this particular holiday, it’s all about backyard fun & fireworks. But considering our political climate today, we brought in actor, activist and our friend @kendrick38 on this show this week to speak on current issues (& more). Kendrick’s activism revolves around reforming the criminal justice & immigration system while advocating for intersectional racial justice as a whole. We talk about…
⚡️What it means to be an American POC today
⚡️Speaking to our kids about current political issues without “dumbing” it down ⚡️Being comfortable asking uncomfortable questions 
We basically felt more woke coming out of this interview 🤣 Listen on iTunes, Spotify or wherever you find your podcasts 🎧 #SuperMamas #SuperMamasPodcast #SuperPapacito “

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