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Woman Receives Threats After She Mistreats Her Dog

Have you ever done something you’re not proud of to get more social media followers?

Tamaro Rotman, reportedly from Argentina, took things too far recently when she trapped her dog in a washing machine. Though it wasn’t turned on the pup is seen scrambling to get out, his faced mashed up against the door, which was enough to infuriate animal lovers everywhere.To make matters worse, Rotman seemed to know her actions were harmful, as she asked in a survey posted over the clip, “Are you going to be really traumatised?”

From MetroUK: “Commentators were quick to condemn the woman’s ‘stupidity’, with many calling for her to be punished for mistreatment of animals. Rotman deleted her account following criticism, but soon reopened it with just a picture of her two dogs and a video of a happy-looking Cuco playing on a green lawn.”

Meanwhile, Rotman insists people are being overly sensitive and she would never do anything to hurt her dog.

“I thought that deactivating Instagram or blocking people would help, but given that I haven’t stopped receiving aggressive threats wishing death and rape on me, the best thing to do is to talk and clarify some things. 
I have a dog named Cuco, I love him with all my heart and those who know me know that well. I give him my entire life and more. Yesterday I uploaded a story of him inside the washing machine which MANY people misinterpreted; it’s fine, you don’t know me, it happens. I understand that maybe some of you found it shocking, but that was not my intention. Neither me nor Cuco felt the harm that everyone keeps mentioning. The dog was not in there for longer than 10 seconds, keeping in mind that the washing machine was TURNED OFF.”

Read her full statement here and let this be a lesson learned: doing the most for the ‘gram never ends well. Watch the clip in question up top.



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