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Demi Lovato Was Allegedly Freebasing Oxycodone And Fentanyl

New revelations into Demi Lovato‘s shocking overdose have come to light and it sounds pretty bad…

According to TMZ, Demi was partying with friends in West Hollywood when she texted her regular drug dealer to come drop her off a pack at 4am.

It is reported that Demi and the unnamed drug dealer were freebasing oxycodone off of tin foil like Pookie in New Jack City.

Thing is, this dealer is said to have a bad habit of buying dirty drugs from Mexico and this particular batch was laced with Fentanyl. The same drug that killed both Micahel Jackson and rapper Lil Peep (can you believe those two are in the same sentence together?!).

The janky dealer dipped from the crib when he saw Demi in bed breathing heavily. He had allegedly been supplying her with drugs since April.

Freebase? In 2018?? SMH. Demi was on some s#!t.



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