When the Checks Stop Coming In: Real Housewives Of Atlanta Get Ganked

- By Bossip Staff

The Real Housewives were real green when it came to TV contracts and the fact that NBC/Bravo can do what they want with the series… and will. The RHOA are pissed off about this decision:

RHOA: “This is some bull sh*t. We’ve been fighting their as* for the longest to keep the show from going to syndication without us making a dime … Damn, we’re not getting a dime and they’re making all the money… WOW … They can play the show forever and we will never get a check, that ain’t right…”

NBC’s “Real Housewives” franchise is moving into syndication. Reruns of the “Housewives” series will begin airing weekdays on Ch. 4 next fall, NBC announced yesterday. While nothing is official yet, it’s expected that all four of the “Housewives” franchises — New York, New Jersey, Orange County and Atlanta — will air in syndication.

The originals air on Bravo, NBC’s sister cable network. It hasn’t been worked out how the repeats will air, but episodes from each individual series — like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” — are expected to air in continuous blocks for continuity purposes.

This is the difference between a real celebrity and a fake one. We’re pretty sure this had to be in the contract somewhere. The girls won’t be getting a dime either. All of this in the midst of Kandi opening up a boutique. Better save that money. SMH



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  • I AM LEGEND (A Wise Man Told Dont Argue With Fools)

    ha ha ha

  • Speaking the truth...

    Umm…why Khandi look like she got a package in the front…bad pic.


    Knadi, Lisa & Kim are not the broke ones… Ne Ne, and She’Man Sherre need to save that money honey. They came in without a quater and will leave with only a dime cut down to five cents. Hope She’Man Sherre’s clothing line get’s picked up by Lord & taylor or atleast Rainbow. And Ne Nee needs to sale all of her books just to break even. Good Luck & God Bless!

  • Nique

    Thats what happens when you dont have a good lawyer or a good team behind you….

  • 1985

    Oh well

  • Miss B


    Hope NeNe’s book is good and other two ladies clothing line does well now.

  • Mama Mila


    So True
    So True

    Kandi got a package! LOLOLOLOLOL

  • I'm Just Me: Keeping It Real Since 1983

    Whomp Whomp!

  • listen

    yea. kandi’s check from Real Housewives is nothing compared to what she collected from writing songs like “No Scrubs”. I wish her the best with her boutique.

  • NY said...

    So much for not going over the fine print. How many buznesszzes they have between them? who is running this cotton mill anyways? bet Andy making a killing while they all Tardy for the Money… eyyyy!!!

  • tb

    They better save that $45K per episode and stop acting like they the shit. NeNe better head over to E! and see if she can get a gig over there.

  • resurrected


    She might be smart at manipulating people but the same way that you come into a situation is the same way that you have to leave… Kim may know how to get over on people but when you motivation is lead by wickedness your common sense and your ability to have wisdom will diminish…

  • NewOrleansBaby

    What the hell is up with Sheree hair???

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    They should change the name of this show to “5 ugly azz goldiggers”.

  • JB(Vote for me Miss NSU 2010-2011, Lady A is my campaign manager)

    The only one who doesn’t have to worry about money is Kandi. As a songwriter she can write 1 song and be straight for the year. I am sure she has money in the bank.

    People learn something about money. 1 million in the bank and you can live off the interest if you live within your means. And Kandi looks as if she does.



  • http://www.thetruthaboutcelebrities.blogspot.com Truth

    I believe that “BRAVO” is more interested in KHANDI – NOT – the other real (fake) wives of Atlanta.

    They wanna be but they’re not!

  • http://www.thetruthaboutcelebrities.blogspot.com Truth

    Expect Khandi to come out with her own television show.

  • Black is Glamour

    LMAO LMAO LMAO @SPEAKING THE TRUTH….Oh my gosh thats crazy…

    anyways…how stupid can these chicks sound? I mean I thought by the way they were carelessly spending there money (or should I say theyre husbands money)on the show, that they would careless about the network payin them some fat checks…should have analyzed all that sh*t B4 ya did the show. smh.

  • e-ka

    Umm Kandi has horizontal money, Dumb a##!!!

  • diva4marc

    kandi outfit makes her appear a bit masculine…

  • C-Red

    Wow, tv networks are shady as hell. There has to be a standard. I don’t care too much for thse chicks, but that is f**ked up to not get a dime for the syndication. that is how they are suppose to realy ge their money.

  • NewOrleansBaby

    yea Kandi is going to get her own show with them it’s going to be called “Stepping Out” Its going to based on overcoming all that drama the car crash,getting over the death of A.J, and raising his twins..then she’s going to do a come back album and round up Xscape for a reunion..duh!! That’s how it works. How lame.

  • NewOrleansBaby

    @ C-Red

    NO, actually that’s how real actors get it. YOu think the Flavor of Love hoes still get paid…I think not. That’s why they are E-List celebs, the D-List is for out of work actors.

  • What'Eva

    The true meaning of Southern Hospitality: Country women who smile in your face and offer you a glass of sweet tea or lemonade to get you to open up. Once they know your business, you become the subject of their gossip. Gossip, Hateration, and Backstabbing is simply “A Way of Life” for black people down South.

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