Camron Wasn’t Always Against Snitchin’

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Camron will be on 60 Minutes tonight and he talks about refusing to snitch :

“If I knew the serial killer was living next door to me?” Giles responds to a hypothetical question posed by Cooper. “I wouldn’t call and tell anybody on him — but I’d probably move. But I’m not going to call and be like, ‘The serial killer’s in 4E.’ ” Giles’ “code of ethics” also extends to crimes committed against him. After being shot and wounded by gunmen, Giles refused to cooperate with police. Why? “Because … it would definitely hurt my business, and the way I was raised, I just don’t do that,” says Giles.

Well, when people talk tough in the media, there is always someone digging up some sh*t. The Smoking Gun has obtained documents where Camron did “snitch” on a crew of 15 dudes who beat him down back in 1999. Click here to read what Camron told the cops.

It sounds like the NYPD heard about Camron talking about snitching and leaked the documents.

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