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Iranian Woman Removes Hijab After Random Man’s Threats

Video of a woman getting buck with some pompous dude in Iran is going viral after a Facebook group by the name of My Stealthy Freedom posted the footage online last night. In the clip, an overzealous man threatened to have a woman arrested because her hijab wasn’t on properly. After giving the guy a piece of her mind, she ripped the hijab off her head in protest and kept it moving. Those who have watched the clip are calling the unidentified woman a hero.

In case you aren’t aware, women in Iran can go to jail for not wearing a hijab while out and about, but recently, more and more have been protesting the law. In March, one lady went viral when she climbed onto a utility box in Tehran, took off her hijab, and pinned it to a stick for everyone to see. Going only by Azadeh, which means “one who is free” in Farsi, she escaped before being thrown in jail, the Washington Post reported.

The site also reported that around the same time, “dozens of Iranian women like Azadeh” had been staging “similar demonstrations against the compulsory veil, standing bareheaded atop raised utility cabinets and concrete benches in some of Iran’s most popular squares.” Adding, “They have been arrested, harassed and even charged with crimes — but also celebrated by reformists and other Iranians who have been sharing the women’s photographs on social media.”

Head to My Stealthy Freedom’s FB page to see some of the other women who’ve been spotted protesting. Although it seems trivial here in the U.S., elsewhere in the world action like this takes real guts. Press play on the clip up top.

Sidebar: In some cases, women are attacking women too:




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