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Sarunas Jackson Confirms Issa Rae’s Story “Tiffany Tried To Slap Me”

In a recent interview with Hot Ones, Issa Rae had told a hilarious story about Tiffany Haddish man-handling one of her co-stars on Insecure, omitting names — But now we have the exclusive on who it is! Issa says in their first meeting, Tiffany told him ‘You look like a n*gga that likes to get slapped. Ima slap you.’ after deep-throating a champagne glass in front of him.

FREAKY!!! Now we know it was Sarunas Jackson aka Dro she was trying to show out for.

In this BOSSIP exclusive clip, Sarunas confirms that is was him that Tiffany was playfully trying to put her paws on! Hit play.

“So recently Issa Rae said that Tiffany Haddish went up to one of her cast members on Insecure and said “Hi I’m Tiffany, you look like you like to be slapped. Yea, that was me. Tiffany is a good friend of mine, she plays around as you know…”

Here is Issa explaining the story, trying to protect Saranus’ identity (11:08):

“Throughout the night she was drinking more and she sat next to him and got in his face and was just like, ‘You look like a n*gga that likes to get slapped. Ima slap you.’ And he was like, ‘Well actually, I don’t. I don’t like to get slapped.’ And she was like, ‘Yes you do, Ima slap you right now and you’ll cum,’ and just continued to berate him…”




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