Play Ball…

- By Bossip Staff

Here are some pictures taken back in May at some random “celebrity” softball game in Amber Rose’s hometown of Philly. This is the event they say Cassidy chopped her down after.

Amber was in some skin tight spandex flexing her lack of panties… everywhere…

Pop the top to see more cake and Cassidy

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  • Ben

    Exactly what does she do for a living?

  • M2F

    First, Ho’s!

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS....LOL)

    Didn’t Amber Rose and Cassidy supposedly have something going on?

  • Aunt Viv

    They’re using the word “celebrity” quite loosely here don’t you think?

  • How does she pay the bills?

    most women are like her and use man to become someone. Yes I said it and i`m not saying black women but most women no matter the race

  • eveinthegarden

    She stay in some spandex dont she?

  • WTF

    How boring.

  • lollipoplollipopohlollilollipop

    what kind bull sh*t is this?

    im guessing when u say pooch u mean the dude that plays dominoes outside the liquor store bc theres no way in hell he could be THAT legit if his idea of a ceelbrity is amber rose…smh.

  • jaypotts

    Amber looks more “real” here than I’ve ever seen before. She looks natural, relaxed and seems like she’s having a great time on the baseball diamond. Normally, she’s just a human mannequin, but here she shows a lot of personality.

  • Toronto

    Amber Rose’s knees are knocked!

  • Erica

    is this news.. I mean why even report on this… boring..

  • GoodKarma4Me

    Aunt Viv
    They’re using the word “celebrity” quite loosely here don’t you think?
    Tell me about it!!

  • http://none BigBody

    I don’t know why we are being forced to look at this bald headed mess of a woman…stop. just stop.

  • %#&?!! will soon stop coming to bossip

    EWWW! hood dudes. i hope she got her rabies shots :/

  • eveinthegarden

    Ima have to object to that dude with the braids and those CUFFED UP JEANS. WTH?

  • white male

    I don’t see any celebrities????

  • MzzQ2U

    and why is she wearing a one piece spandex for softball again?

  • txgals

    I think she’s gorgeous. I love that she keeps it simple with diamond studs in her ears and her make-up to a minimum. If that was Beyonce, Ciara or Keri, they’d have some big-ridiculous-Miss Tina-ghetto gold in their ears.

  • KC7710

    say what you want…..but that broad is fine

  • Lateriax3

    Why do most guys think she is fine? She isn’t a ugly female she just looks like a round a way chick i guess.

  • just lookin' at it...

    but, to repeat…where are the celebrities ?

  • Kimmie kakes

    she looks like she never talks.

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