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Life Coaching Is Helping Black Women Write Their Success Stories

The majority of people are clueless about what a life coach does, but there are plenty of benefits to enlisting help from an unbiased professional.

Just ask Tiaera Williams, founder of “From Broken To Purpose“, a Cleveland based non-profit that has helped over 300 Black women and girls level up like Ciara! Tiaera was a mother and divorced by age 20, with her confidence withered. For the past 8 years, she’s been paying her life experience forward. Her organization helps young women with self-esteem issues, lost, and generally needing guidance to become successful.

“As young girls, we start off with high hopes and big dreams. And as time goes by and life sets in, sometimes heartache and pain, depression and some unkind things may enter our lives. We can start second guessing ourselves. But, I encourage you to move forward!”

…and you don’t always have to be DOWN in the dumps to seek a life coach. Already successful people enlist the help of life and career coaches to stay sharp and open to growth. We asked Tiaera what are the biggest reasons and benefits of hiring a life coach and here is what she had to say:

If you feel stuck.

With personal or career decision, sometimes things get cloudy. Tiaera says folks, especially Black women can use an extra vessel to get over that hump. “Having a life coach helps you free up tunnel vision and help you make better choices , set clearer goals and Increase your personal and professional self-awareness.”

You need REAL advice.

Having a life coach makes you more accountable” Tiaera says. Your friends and family aren’t going to alway tell you truths that help your growth.

Your confidence needs a boost.  

Life coaches can help you pinpoint the source of your insecurities. “Having a life coach gives you a stronger sense of belief and self-confidence that you can be and achieve anything” Tiaera adds.

Do YOU think you would ever enlist the help of a life coach to get you to your next chapter?


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