Morehouse College Bans Sagging Pants and WOMENS CLOTHES???

- By Bossip Staff

Morehouse College is laying down the law when it comes to school attire:

Students at Morehouse College are being held to a higher standard. The administration is preparing to enact a dress code later this month. According to the college’s newspaper, the Maroon Tiger, the dress code is formally called the..…Continue

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  • eveinthegarden


  • chaka1


  • Jazmine

    Good for them! Thes da** fools are losing their minds! I assume there must be a huge gay/crossdressing population at Morehouse?

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Why the heels and clutch?

  • MissChoklate

    Its ridiculous and I know there is an abundance of sissies down there..wearing high heels and womens clothes..BTWay its looks utterly ridiculous on men. the high heels and purses are a mess..I mean for real..this idiot looks stupid and his body is

  • http://me WertBaBy

    It’s about time somebody gets a dress code. Men Why go to college with saggin pants and in womens clothes? (YOU CAN’T GET NOBODY’s JOB DRESSED EITHER WAY). Isn’t the purpose of college to get a decent job

  • Atl_Finest

    Any man that is smart enough to get into Morehouse should have more respect than to come campus dressed like a thug who just got out of prison.

  • Morehouse College Bans Sagging Pants and WOMENS CLOTHES??? - My 242

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  • drenk

    i cant wait til gay groups start cryin out discrimination

  • Anthony

    I disagree with all of you. The fact that these people made it into college is a great thing. College years are full of discovery and freedom of choice and identity. Regardless of your like or dislike of someone’s appearance, the last thing a college that promotes diversity in thought should be doing is enforcing a dress code of any kind. The young man in the photo may be extreme for many of us is no different than the young men and women that like their scarves and durags. This irritates me because who are they hurting. As far as getting a job is concerned, their education will get them the job. Yes appearance is a great part of getting a job, but when does going to class and enjoying campus life mean you will not get a job? These people know better when going for interviews. DO NOT CONFUSE DAY TO DAY LIFE AND GENERAL FUN AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION WITH PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT AFTER GRADUATION. I also find objection with the “higher standard” statement. These are college young men and women having fun and enjoying each other. What is the harm? We as a race of people face alot in life period. Why is it when we go to a place that has been designed for us we are not allowed to be ourselves. I think the ruling is utterly ridiculous. And NO I have never dressed like this and never want to but as an American I feel that if that is someone’s desire and choice, MORE POWER TO THEM!


    I’m feeling very proud of Morehouse for taking this stand. CHECK these idiots with the nonsense they wear. It’s a damn shame this code of dress has to be implemented and some of these douchebags don’t have the good sense to dress themselves appropriately without being monitored.

  • Thatbitch

    As long as they are not hurting anyone or conducting themselves in a disrespectful manner, then what they wear shouldn’t really be a problem. But openly gay men need to take note of this before they apply to conservative private institutions. They could have easily applied to public schools, that are just as good, if not better than Morehouse, and had little to no problems with the way they dressed. This wouldn’t have been an issue at Berkley, NYU, UCLA or MIT.

  • Big O

    I think that it is a wonderful idea! If not now, when? learn how to be a real man or at least look the part while you further your education. We have so much negativity pointed in our direction, why not strive to be the best that we can be and stop accepting less.

  • Roderick

    Dude looks like Florida Evans LMAO!!!!

  • Ara

    I like it, dressing should be a personal choice, but things in the black community have just gotten out of hand. We need discipline and structure.

  • http://yahoo son's in college

    WAY TO GO MOREHOUSE! 1st, the man in the picture is a grown man in Atlanta that is a stylist. The picture is for effect. 2nd, Morehouse is a private – very selective – college. Any young man that is admitted to Morehouse should appreciate the fact that they are the CREAM OF THE CROP! Cream is always on top. Dressing the part is establishing yourselves as part of the best representation of yourselves and within our race. If the gentlemen want to continue to dress “back on the block”, Clark Atlanta Univ. is right next door.

  • former Panther

    Morehouse is a private institution and they can have whatever dress code they want. Back in the day you couldn’t even wear “dungarees” to college (that’s blue jeans for those who are unaware). Women couldn’t wear pants and everyone had a curfew. Remember, most HBCUs were created and financed by white religous abolitionists(United Methodist Churches) who believed that blacks should get an education. While that is least the case at this point (most churches have since severed their ties and are letting the schools run themselves) it seems to me that Morehouse wants to get a little closer to their roots. It’s their perrogative (I hope I spelled that correctly). I’m not saying it’s right or wrong…who am I to judge either way.

  • drenk

    Dungarees…? what year are you posting from? ill be right back i gotta go crank start my model-T and head out to the speak-easy and do the charleston

  • http://yahoo son's in college

    @ i am legend….read a book dude. Morehouse graduates MOST OF THE BLACK DOCTORS, LAWYERS, DENTISTS, SCIENTIST, etc. IT IS A “BLACK IVY LEAGUE SCHOOL”. Spelman (all female college) is right next door, along with co-ed CAU. OMG, I HATE IGNORANT BLOGGERS!

  • %#&?!! will soon stop coming to bossip

    tis frightening but LMBAO! all schools need to go back to wearing uniforms.

  • %#&?!! will soon stop coming to bossip

    @ son’s in college


  • Kigali (Female condoms are cheap)

    Its a private school it should be able to do what it wants.

  • Alice

    It’s all cool until they regulate something personal to you.

    They need to keep their focus on education instead of the image of the student body. Although it may not looking appealing, there are more important things to be addressed then someone else’s wardrobe.

    There’s a fine line between, regulating a dress code, and discriminating against people. What next, tell how to wear your hair? What cars to drive? What to eat? How to walk?

    I think that guy looks ridiculous, BUT it doesnt bother me at all. I could care less actually.

  • Everett

    I graduated from Morehouse in 2007 and saw more and more cross-dressing as I matriculated. It was sad really, because before I enrolled at Morehouse I did not even associate an all-male school with homosexuality. Either way, I am sure that it has gotten worse since I’ve left.

    Hopefully this new dress policy will keep those guys out and restore Morehouse’s reputation.

  • Jamaquina.Cubana

    I agree!!
    And that photo…..strssssssssssssssssppppppppppppssssss ….dat man have a dyamn nerve a deh inna highheel!

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