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The Breakfast Club interviews Charles Keith Lori Rothschild Ansaldi of the film 'Proving Innocence: Kevin Keith vs. The State of Ohio' about the wrongful conviction of Kevin Keith for a triple murder in Bucyrus, Ohio in 1994

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The Breakfast Club Might Have Helped Free An Wrongfully Convicted Man

Back in May, The Breakfast Club interviewed a man named Charles Keith who’s brother Kevin Keith had been sentenced to death for a triple murder that occurred in Bucyrus, Ohio in 1994. For year Charles had been fighting for Kevin’s freedom and part of that fight involved filming a multi-part docu-series called Proving Innocence: Kevin Keith vs. The State of Ohio alongside Executive Producer Lori Rothschild Ansaldi of Tent City Productions. The film posits that the Ohio criminal justice system, in addition to local police and politicians conspired to wrongfully convict Kevin.


Kevin and Lori took to the airwaves to promote the film to the 4 million ears that tune in daily to the morning show, but they got much more than just movie promo.

Despite the four, count them FOUR, witnesses testified that Kevin was at LEAST 30 mins away from the crime scene at the time of the murders and the complete lack of physical evidence, a janky jury brought back a guilty verdict and sentenced Kevin to die.

In 2010, just thirteen days prior to Kevin’s death date, Charles and public defender Rachel Troutman were able to present evidence to then-Governor Ted Strickland that compelled him to grant clemency to Kevin and reduced his sentence to simply life in a Marion, Ohio prison where he remains to this day.

Fortunately, because of the awareness that The Breakfast Club interview created, Charles and Lori have been flooded with very credible tips that may just lead to Kevin’s exoneration and ultimately, his release from prison.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this case and will report back any new information we get surrounding the seemingly wrongful conviction of Kevin Keith.



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