#BlackBreastFeedingWeek: Black Mamas Are Encouraging Nursing By Sharing THESE Precious Breastfeeding Selfies

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All week we are highlighting #BlackBreastFeedingWeek by sharing photos, articles, and resources that promote healthy feeding in the Black Community. We ❤️ this post by @msalexandrav Read Below: ・・・ When Hunter was an infant I tried to avoid going out in public. I found breastfeeding while not at home super overwhelming. I fumbled getting the nursing cover out and in position, finding a place to nurse, getting him into position and keeping the cover in place…all while he screamed at the top of my lungs for milk. I have to admit, when we were out in those first couple of months I worried more about bothering other people than I’d like to admit. . Maybe it was the hormones, maybe it was the lack of sleep or maybe it was the panic I felt when I needed to nurse him in public, but it was all so overwhelming and the thought of flashing a stranger sent me into a panic. . I have since ditched a formal nursing cover and have gotten more comfortable nursing in public. Instead of panicking about finding a place to hide to nurse, I now focus on a comfortable place that will allow us both to nurse in peace. Sometimes in front of people, sometimes not. Maybe it’s growth or maybe it’s confidence or maybe I’m just so used to my boobs always being exposed due to constant nursing, but I am so much more comfortable nursing now when we aren’t home. . Right now, and for the foreseeable future, my breasts make milk to nourish my son. Nursing my son isn’t gross and breastfeeding moms shouldn’t be shamed for feeding their children in public. Don’t flash us dirty looks, don’t stare at our chests, don’t ask us to move and don’t ask us to cover up. The sexualization of breastfeeding needs to be stopped. Society would have me think a woman in a bikini is something favorable but a woman breastfeeding her child is not. The narrative needs to change. 📷: @hc_incorporated

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