#BlackBreastFeedingWeek: Black Mamas Are Encouraging Nursing By Sharing THESE Precious Breastfeeding Selfies

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Mama Glow- Women aren’t adequately supported after childbirth. There is so much attention placed on the prenatal period, but what about the support for new moms? Postpartum doulas are an invaluable asset for new mothers in a culture that doesn’t value motherhood. While you can’t spiritually bypass your feelings & pretend they don’t exist, there are some things you can do. You can shift your attitude to one of gratitude. You can practice gently loving yourself. You can focus on mindfulness & being in the present moment. _ For some 80% of new mothers, feelings of mild to moderate depression set in a few days postpartum & can last for a few days to two weeks. The idea is not to get rid of them, but to be aware. To feel your way through. This is when you need the most support, when you’re most tender. You might experience moodiness, exhaustion, & weepiness as your hormones shift & you transition from carrying your baby on the inside ( 9 month intrauterine gestation) to caring for the baby on the outside (9 months extrauterine gestation). _ More severe than the baby blues is full-blown postpartum depression, or PPD. PPD is experienced by up to 25% of new mothers, & can occur anytime within the 1st year after giving birth. Some moms feel guilt for feeling bad, & punish themselves for their feelings. Instead, embrace them. Let the feelings rise to the surface, release the pain, rage with support. _ It’s critical to find a mental health care provider to confide in who can support your transition into new motherhood. And to make this transition sustainable when you don’t feel stable, we need a community of support. We need our sister circle of women who can help guide us through. We need our support in place before our babies come or we realize shortly after birth, that very few people are there, & those you expect don’t show up & those you expect the least from- often surprise you. — Here are some affirmations to support this process where we may feel out of control. _ • I trust that this is a normal process & I welcome my feelings to the surface. _ • I am grateful for this moment of emotional release. _ • I am aligned with a divine power that will pull me through

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