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Kanye West Wears Extremely Oversized Yeezy Slides

After getting clowned by the entire internet and even his own wife for wearing toe-suffocatingly small Yeezy slides to 2 Chainz’ wedding, Kanye West is refusing to accept his L, wear his actual shoe size, and move on.

After copping pleas earlier in the week regarding the Japanese “inspiration” behind his heels leaving track marks on the Versace Mansion floor in too-tiny slides…’Ye is now combating the little shoe stigma with gross overcompensation.

Yeezy took to IG to flaunt a clownishly oversized pair of the slides, asking “Are these big enough?”

Cute. And at least his feet are getting some healthy circulation this way.

But honestly bruh, just wear your size! If you sell shoes for a living (partially, at least) that shouldn’t be too difficult to determine…



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