D-List Banger

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Ashanti performed at club Myst in NYC last night. That hiatus did her well. She is looking very delicious nowadays. We likes.

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  • bree

    1st 😛

  • Kompton's Kutie

    She looks nice.

  • swoosh


  • bree

    she’s cute..her arm/fingers look bloated in the main pic


    Hi everybody….have a good weekend…LOL @ yall still at work!!!!

  • B-barnes

    Ashanti has been looking right lately. Hope she can keep it up.


    LOL @ bree…

    Watch your eye…that button is going to POP!!!

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus Believes all proceeds should be donated to “Help Mya and Christina Milan” fund

  • melvin

    D-list? -gives SEOD- she looks HOT btw. cant wait for the album

  • Stuff fly people Like.wordpress.com

    We likey!

  • SoSo

    she would look better if she changed that hair color

  • JAD

    She looks nice.

  • Jo

    I wouldn’t call her a D-lister maybe a -B or C. But anyway she looks nice but I’m not feeling those blonde highlights.

  • num1dominicano

    I always though she was fine…

  • Southern Belle 225

    I like her dress and she looks good. However, those highlights look cheap! How is she still getting work though? I did like her songs but she really can’t sing to me and she surely isn’t a good performer (walking back and forth on the stage holding her stomach EVERYTIME). But oh well, at least she looks good.

  • I'm Just Me

    She is pretty and looks nice. Go Ashanti

  • Andrew

    Wow @ D-List, try again. Anyway she looks stunning & has really stepped up the vocals, stage presence, & material, can’t wait to hear the album!

  • http://WWW.OH-ASHANTI.COM Simply Bello

    D list? Can’t help but laugh. Don’t under estimate the princess. Cause she’s already on your screens even after 4 years. But yes, she looks amazing. Check out more pictures of her on:



  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya

    Pretty face…but horrible looking hands…should be one color…does she do some type of hard labor?

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    I’d blow that back out with a quickness

  • http://WWW.ONLYASHANTI.COM Achanti

    She looks amazing from head to toe! (Hands and all)

    Love her!

  • soulwoman

    She isn’t A-List but she’s not D-List either. I would agree with the B-C listing.

    I love her dress but not the hair. She looked her best when her second album was out.

    Not feeling her new song…

  • Bozo D. Clown

    Mmm… Ashanti…

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    She’s good-lookin in a non-classical sort of way

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    I’m classic

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