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Evelyne Lozada backlash

Evelyn Is Getting Dragged Now

This has been quite the eventful season of Basketball Wives as characters have changed dramatically from the beginning of the season to now. At first Tami was the horrible bully and Evelyn was the person getting all the sympathy. Then Jennifer was hated as Evelyn continued to get sympathy.

Then things fell apart very quickly. Evelyn’s nasty side started to show as she started to make fun of Tami’s diabetes and medical conditions. As Evelyn got meaner, fans started turning more and more against her, all culminating in a reunion show where Evelyn got dragged every which a way.

How did we get here?

Take a look at the roller coaster that was our feelings towards Evelyn Lozada.

They started to turn when Evelyn started going in on Tami’s diabetes…

“But you talk about people all the time from how they dress to they health issues you dead a$$ wrong and you didn’t get fly with shaunie so….. She held that from you for 5 years but that’s OK?? #BBWReunion”

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“#BBWLA Evelyn being mad at Tammy at the reunion after it was found that Jen was the fraud, proves she is a hater. She wants any reason to paint Tammy as the villain and Im not here for it.

I know that’s Shaunie’s friend but she can go to Jen’s island, as far as Im concerned”

“Wow. Evelyn that was so incredibly effed up. How you gon talk about someone’s health and call them a liar. That’s foul #bbwla”

“Evelyn was a bully this season. I just can not sympathize with a bully that’s being bullied. #BBWLA #SorrynotSorry @BasketballWives”

“Evelyn is really a nasty, immature, and vile woman. But when you spend your best years chasing n**** instead of working on yourself, this is what happens. #BBWLA”

“Evelyn and Jennifer been picking on people since the very first season so I don’t feel bad for neither one of them #BBWLA”

“We watched Evelyn talk about Tami every single episode, yet she’s playing dumb on this stage #BBWreunion #BBWLA”

“Me everytime Evelyn speaks #BBWLA”


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