That’s Illegal, Bruh: Man Who Uploaded A Pirated Copy Of ‘Deadpool’ To His Facebook Page Now Faces 6 Months In Prison

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Man Faces 6 Months In Prison For Pirating ‘Deadpool’

Who remembers these warnings?

Welp, despite the popularity of online torrents and the trusty jailbroken Firestick…they were actually serious.

One Fresno, CA man found this out the hard way. According to Gizmodo, 22-year-old Trevon Franklin was picked up by the FBI after sharing a pirated film via Facebook. Trevon downloaded Deadpool from Putlocker just one week after its release back in 2016 and shared the file in full on his Tre-Von M. King account, where it picked up 6,386,456 views.

Users actually attempted to warn Trevon that he was flirting with danger posting a full flick up so brazenly, but he swore he had the cheat code. He posted:

“I got the ultimate way out of this, yall might be surprised on how I won’t go to jail but just become more famous.

I’m just sitting back smoking out my bong laughing at these mfs who think they know what they talking I haven’t sold shit to anyone, or made copies.”

He then started a whole separate Facebook group, entitled “Bootleg Movies,” and posted a link saying “EVERYBODY JOIN” with the promise of more torrents posted directly to the page.

Needless to say, the FBI noticed his complete lack of slickness and took him into custody in June 2017. He made a plea agreement with the government this past May for a reduced sentence. The government filed its sentencing recommendation on September 12, suggesting six months in prison followed by a one-year term of supervised release and $100 fee.

Honestly, can you blame the FBI on this one? This young guy seemed like he was on his way to pursuing a career in bootleggery…


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