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One Florida Man’s Parenting Is Up For Question

Sex can be an uncomfortable conversation when raising a teenager. Depending on your parenting style, you might be totally against your kids having sex until they become an adult, or you could be of the mindset that teens are going to do it anyways, so you might as well talk about safety.

Well one Florida man seemed to go above and behind when supporting his kid’s sex life, and now he’s facing charges for it.

According to court records from The Smoking Gun, Laurence Mitchell, 53, was arrested this month for driving his 15-year-old son to a local park for a late-night fling with his girlfriend, also 15.

On September 6 around 11:30 p.m., a cop spotted a Toyota parked after hours at McChesney Park in Port St. Lucie. The officer approached the car and found Mitchell in the driver’s seat. He asked him what he was doing out there on a Thursday evening.

Mitchell told the officer that his son asked him if he could pick up the son’s girlfriend, so that the two teens could go “do their thang” in the park. Mitchell was then asked why he would take the teens to the park after hours. His response?

“So they can do what kids do.”

The patrolman needed more clarification, to which Mitchell responded, “Well, they aren’t out there stealing, they are just having sex.”

Mitchell then revealed that he did not know the girl he chauffeured “nor gained consent to have her out from her parents.” He tried to justify his actions by adding, “They could be out there doing worse.”

Smh. So many questions that need answers…but the story doesn’t stop there.

When the two teens returned from the soccer field soon after, the officer asked what they were doing in the park. Mitchell’s son replied, “We were just smokin’ and fu**in.” When the cop asked the son if his father knew what the two teens were doing, the boy reportedly laughed and said his father “didn’t know exactly.”

Quite the family.

The girl also confirmed that she and the boy “were engaged in sexual activity.” When she was asked if Mitchell knew what they were doing, she responded, “Well, I mean he drove us out here. But I don’t know.”

Eventually, Mitchell was arrested for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He was freed from custody after posting $750 bond. His arraignment hearing on the misdemeanor count is set for September 25.

What do you think? Was Mitchell’s arrest too harsh or is this whole situation messed up?

You tell us.



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