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Nicki Minaj And Diesel Get Dragged

Well, someone in marketing is going to be looking for a job soon. The folks at Diesel have decided to put together an anti-bullying campaign using celebrities like Gucci Mane and…Nicki Minaj? Word? Either this is a big prank or one of the biggest mishaps in marketing history.

Nicki Minaj has been accused of bullying during her entire career. She allegedly hopped in a woman’s DMs this summer, demeaning her. She’s been accused of sic’ing her army of maniacal fans on people who disagree with her and criticize her actions. She’s been called one of the biggest bullies in the game so this decision is…weird.

Okay, it’s worse than weird. Take a look at Twitter’s reactions and they aren’t pretty.

“You know how tone deaf you have to be as a brand to enlist Nicki Minaj to front a campaign to bring cyber-bullying to light? Who was behind this? Do they live under a rock?”

Can ppl give @DIESEL receipts in their mentions right now on how Nicki Minaj is NOT a good spokesperson for cyberbullying when she is indeed a cyber bully??????

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Nicki, the biggest bully in town, the face of anti cyber-bullying??? I HAVE TO LAUGH😂😂😂

maybe Nicki Minaj can make cyber bullies the next “cocksucker of the day” on Queen Radio

Thank you @DIESEL for awarding Nicki Minaj on her bully behavior by giving her a clothing line… Let’s see how many Barbz are gonna buy any of this merchandise like they brought her album and concert tickets…

seeing Nicki Minaj start an anti-bullying campaign is like seeing my grade school bullies start their own anti-bullying campaign.

@DIESEL the Nicki Minaj who asks her fans to bully people who disagree with her or offer criticism? That one? The who slut shamed sex workers?



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