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Corallys Ortiz Told To Straighten Her ‘N*ggery-Looking’ Hair For The News

Another day, another disgruntled MAGA-loving mayo packet getting all out of line and ahead of themselves.

You may recall last year when Las Vegas weather reporter Demetira Obilor‘s thick curves and natural curls had box-shaped, un-melanated watchers shook and calling to complain.

Now, West Tennessee reporter Corallys Ortiz is catching some similar hater heat over her copious curls and kinks. The Afro-Latina reporter, of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, has been giving her flat iron a rest an rocking her natural hair in the Tennessee humidity for the past few days. But some of her viewers just can’t handle seeing something so offensively African on their screens when they just want to tune into the evening news and peacefully hear about their president’s latest moves.

Corallys took to her Facebook page to share a video of the recorded message she received about her hairstyle, where a caller complained about her “n*ggery-looking” hair and suggested she straighten it ASAP.

SMH. Thankfully, since she came forward with that racial verbal abuse by viewers she’s gotten an outpouring of support from fans.

SMH. Are you shocked that Black newscasters are still getting these types of complaints on their appearance?




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