Ryan Destiny Talks STAR Season 3, THAT Fight, Diss Tracks & Rumors She's Rebooting "Bring It On" With Gabby Union

Exclusive: Ryan Destiny Talks STAR Season 3, THAT Fight, Diss Tracks & Rumors She’s Rebooting “Bring It On” With Gabby Union

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Exclusive Ryan Destiny Interview

We caught up with super sweet and impossibly gorgeous IT-girl Ryan Destiny who dished on the drama-drenched third season of STAR filled with shocking surprises, wig snatches and hip-moving grooves that you’ve come to expect from the smash FOX series.

At this point in her blooming career, Destiny (who plays “Alex”) is a seasoned pro at teasing without dropping spoilers and assured us that Season 3 delivers the messy goods during an easy, breezy interview where she also addressed THAT fight, diss tracks and the “Bring It On” reboot rumors.

Ryan on what we can expect from Season 3:

“You can expect to see how the girls are handling their breakup because now the girls are broken up and they’re going through their stages and cycles of figuring out their solo endeavors and what they’re going to do now that they’re separated but still contractually obligated to a group.

So, it’s a lot about what they want to do vs. what they need to do and that’s frustrating for them”

Ryan on her vicious girl fight with Star in the Season 2 finale: 

“It was sweet behind the scenes because I’m not a confrontational person. So, all of it was coming from a place I had to find because I’m an actress. I had to step into the character’s mind and how frustrated she was throughout the past seasons and understand why she felt the way that she did. I definitely had to find some inspiration for that.

That was mostly me doing the stunts. I obviously didn’t fall off the stage–that was the stunt double *laughs*. I love that stuff and I want to dive more into doing my own stuff. So, it’s just really fun for me every time I can do something like that, it’s fun”

Ryan on what makes a good diss track and her favorite one ever:

“With diss tracks, for it to be successful, you gotta come with facts–little things and shots at people the outsiders don’t know about because that’s what usually gets people riled up. I think that’s what gets people really excited about diss tracks.

My favorite diss track personally? I don’t know, that’s hard. I feel like old school Rap whenever they would get into beef those are my favorites. My parents would tell me stories and those were the more exciting ones for me vs. the ones like now like Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly and Drake and Meek Mill. Those are just kinda funny to me”

Ryan on the pesky Twitter rumors she’s joining Gabrielle Union in a “Bring It On” reboot:

*laughs* It just started blowing up on Twitter. Somebody just mentioned the idea and people ran with it and started making up their own little scripts and storylines and then me and Gab both saw it. I think we’re entertaining the idea of it–I don’t think we’re going to go through with the “Bring It On” sequel, personally, I don’t think so.

That’s a hard one to do and it’s such a classic and I feel like cheerleading movies kinda died in a sense so it would be pretty hard to bring it back so I’d be nervous about it. I don’t know, if the right script comes along and it’s something we’d both be down for then… it’s all about timing”

Oh, and for the few of you who STILL haven’t tuned into STAR, Ryan has a message for you:

“If you like drama and if you love music, then you should watch the show. It’s a female-driven cast and I love that aspect of it and the different types of women on the show–there’s so many different people that you can relate to and they’re all very strong so, for that reason, I would watch it personally. So, binge-watch it!”

STAR returns to FOX TONIGHT at 9/8c!

Feature photo by John Lamparski/WireImage

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