Menopausal Delight

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Posted by Bossip Staff

The original Divas graced the stage of Radio City Music Hall for the Divas with Hearts Concert. We didn’t think there was a music hall big enough to stuff all those egos in there. On the real though, to witness Diana Ross, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight & Chaka Khan perform in one night must have been quite an event. Check out more pics of the legendary songstresses below.

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  • Jsmitty


  • fsfeioreg

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  • def

    Love her. She’s no. 1. she’s hot. BTW, did you guys see her profile on There’re more hot pics of her. She’s very popular there.

  • Paint it Red

    Why da hell Chaka look pregnant?

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Love Those Divas.


    Menopausal Delight?




  • DanaDane

    How is “menopausal delight” construed as racist?! No really,I’d like you to explain that…do only Black women get menopause? Is that what you’re saying? Jesus, sometimes I wonder how the Pope can be against birth control, it would clear up so many problems…

  • DanaDane

    I wonder how they found a venue that could fit just Diana Ross’ ego, let alone Gladys and Patti. I’ve never heard/seen anything about Chaka Khan having one, probably b/c the other ladies know she’ll swing on ’em if they try to act nasty on her!

  • Lee

    Menopause?? These ladies BEEN past menopause. They all look awesome. I would have traded a limb to have seen this.


    Now those are the DIVAS

  • mr mr

    It looks like it was a SCREAMING good time….

  • beautiful b

    hmmm…i wonder why diana is in this photo…still pissing everybody off are we?

  • beautiful b


  • Darth Paul

    I can’t stand Gladys Knight’s mormon as$…

  • jandsmama

    Gladys needs to leave the press and curl alone…ain’t doing her any favors coupled with the Blue Man outfit.

  • guilty pleasure

    Patti’s makeup looks AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joyce

    Diana looks great, as usual. The other divas look okay. Why is Patti wearing a tent? Why does Gladys have a receding hairline?

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    They look great!

  • lisalisa

    Patti’s makeup always makes her look like a drag queen.

  • Lili

    My goodness………………

    I hope I look like Diana when I’m that age. I don’t doubt she might have had a little nip/tuck here or there, but that woman will maintain her image until her last day!

  • Marshabio

    That was a awful and extremely disrepectful thing to say.

  • Ara

    One concert I would have loved to have seen, can’t beat true talent, and all of these divas ( true divas) on one stage, WOW!!!!

  • Nada

    I attended the concert with my mother last night and it was wonderful. All four of these ladies are the best and all others who came behind them should bow down. I didnt want to go at first but once I got there I couldnt stay in my seat!

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    Wonder why Diana wasn’t in that pic? She’s probably still full of herself. They all have ego’s but Diana (I mean Diane) has them beat.

  • Ara

    All of these negative remarks about Patti Labelle, Ms. Labelle was, is and will always be known for being an extraordinary, legendary vocalist and showstopping performances. Her legacy is already etched in stone.

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