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Zero Effs Were Given

One woman living in Brooklyn received a maid service from hell when the house cleaners stole her liquor, guzzled down her ice cream and trashed her apartment.

One of the maids even passed out drunk on her kitchen floor.

Genevieve Snow vented about the whole incident on Facebook writing, “I hired two ladies from Joanna’s Cleaning Service in Brooklyn and they didn’t clean a thing, just drank all my liquor and fu**ed up my home.”

According to the New York Post, Snow let the two maids in her house before heading off to work that day, then one of her housemate woke up a few hours later to discover the cleaners eating on the couch.

“You know when you are not supposed to be doing something, people jerk up really quickly? They did that,” said Snow’s roommate Kristen Nepomuceno.

Nepomuceno then went off to work and when she returned home around 5:30 p.m., that’s when she discovered one of the maids passed out on the floor next to a smashed spice rack. The house was also a mess and the other maid was nowhere to be found.

Nepomuceno left the apartment and called the police. When they all arrived back at the scene, the maid was awake, chilling on the couch eating some ice cream.

“She is licking ice cream and hammered, beyond hammered. She drank one whole bottle of Broker’s Gin and [most of] a bottle of Kettle,” said Nepomuceno. The NYPD told the New York Post that they sent the drunk woman to a hospital. They weren’t able to charge her with anything, since she didn’t commit any crimes, so they suggested Snow take it up in civil court.

Snow says she was left with more than $400 worth of damages. However, when she asked for reimbursement from the cleaning company, she says they tried to explain the chaos with a sob story. Apparently, the woman who passed out in the kitchen had a rough week.

“Her husband left her after 19 years marriage, and that day when she was cleaning your apartment she had the phone call that her teenage daughter is pregnant,” Joanna Oltuszewska, a contact for the business, wrote in a response email to Snow. “She couldn’t stop her emotions and that’s why she used the alcohol, thats never happened before.”

To make matters even worse, Snow says she’s used the Brooklyn-based Joanna Cleaning Service on certain occasions since 2013. However, when she posted about her recent bad experience on Yelp, a woman identifying herself as Joanna Sokolowska reached out to Snow and said her company, Joanna Cleaning Service, hadn’t cleaned Snow’s home since 2017.

Sokolowska says Snow must have been conned by Oltuszewska, who was a former employee of the cleaning service, but got fired back in 2013. Oltuszewska reportedly set up a rival company called Joanna’s Cleaning after she got the boot.

Snow is now trying to figure out who she should bill (and sue) for her damages.

“If there really are two Joanna’s Cleaning Services, I want to know who owns both of them and where they are registered,” Snow said. “The end goal is finding an address to sue the business.”


What a mess.


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