Diddy Voted on ‘Top Inflated Ego List’

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Diddy was named to a list of celebrities who have the biggest egos. Justin Timberlake was ranked #1 with Diddy and Angelina Jolie close behind. The ranking which was established by US Weekly says:

“(Timberlake) has claimed that McDonald’s shares climbed 25 per cent when he walked into their offices and changed their image.” Jolie is apparently regarded as a “great leader” by those close to her, while Diddy has boasted about being “one of the greatest entrepreneurs and entertainers the world has ever encountered”.

TimberFAKE needs to lean back. After dissing Prince and claiming responsibility for a 25% increase in McDonald’s stock price, someone needs to tell him without the Black co-cosigning and Timberland on the beats, he is just a “Snow” who can dance. If you don’t know who the f*ck ‘Snow’ is, click here.


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