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Raheem Howard Cleared Of Attempted Murder Of Policeman Yuseff Hamadeh

Back on August 10, Raheem Howard was charged with the attempted murder of Baton Rouge police officer Yuseff Hamadeh during an arrest pursuit following a traffic stop according to WAFB.

Howard attempted to publicly plead his case to the media just prior to being booked for the alleged murder attempt.

A few weeks later, Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul announced that the officer Hamadeh did have any of his cameras turned on, not the body camera, not the dashboard camera, and the rear camera was facing down. Thus, no footage of the incident was available. Howard’s lawyer believes this was 100& intentional according to a previous WAFB report.

“A deliberate act,” Rep. James said. “His body cam that we’ve been asked to pay for and the citizens of this community have been asked to foot the bill for, was purposely left off. His dash cam, that this community has been asked to pay for, purposely left off. A third camera, which breeds that trust and transparency, turned downward. We’re asking that the Baton Rouge Police Department live up to what they’ve been asked of us.”

In September East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore announced that there will be no charges because, surprise, there is NO evidence. Finally after a month of sitting in prison for being labeled an attempted cop killer, Raheem Howard was set free from prison on October 2.

Raheem’s mother now wants Yuseff Hamadeh charged with attempted murder for firing a shot at her son unjustly. At this time, Officer Hamadeh is still employed at the department.

That needs to change ASAP.



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