Remember Us: H-Town Featuring Jodeci???

- By Bossip Staff

H-Town is an old R&B group from the early 90’s. They have decided to come back with a new song that features Jodeci. Instead of their old jam “Knocking the Boots,” the boys have returned with “Knockin’ Your Heels.” SMH

Pop the top to see what the boys look like now and for a listen to their new jawn

Peep the old school H-Town video “Knocking the Boots.”

R.I.P. Dino

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  • aleximaq

    I remember them…but no Jodeci….

  • drenk

    damn, when the unemployment checks stop comin in…

  • aleximaq

    OHHH!! I get it….the new song is featuring Jodeci…ummm…why?

  • Hood Hero

    I think they finally came out of the closet. All they need to do now is change it back to knocking the boots, cuz men don’t wear heels, lol.

  • The fwesh pwince™

    They’re all gay anyways.

  • ILuvKush!!!!

    Not a bad song!!!!! I need sum1 to knock my heels off LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • copycat

    some suga for my coffee….thanks..

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    “knocking” should never come from H-towns lips unless they’re singing about boot. I love K-Ci and JoJo- true talents.

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath


  • http://n/a Yeah it's me!

    most of the folks on here, don’t know nutten bout this group, you’ll were still in the oven during these days…young peeps.. LOL

  • MrTavMarie

    uh, where’s the other one (in this tragedy)?

  • Rod

    Yea that cloud of them being gay was always an issue especially when the guys twin brother died of AIDS.


    OK…..I JUST WANT ANOTHER JODECI ALBUM!!!! JODECI 4 LIFE!!!!!!!!!!11 i liked h-town , but till this day JODECI IS WHERE IT’S @!!!!!!!!!!1

  • HoneySuckleGirl (KEEP ME NEAR THE CROSS....LOL)

    Not interested at all

  • Not Tryin' to Hate

    @MrTavMarie….the lead singer of HTown (one of the twins) was killed in a car accident w/his girlfriend some years ago.

  • Fk

    all buff n shit…where’s the other dude?

  • Nam

    On the fence about their latest song. I think I’d prefer to remember them as they were

  • Corduroy Johnson

    The guy’s brother (Dino) died in a car accident. Not AIDS.

  • Fockin Ig-Nit

    There are only two because one of them died years ago…

  • Fk


  • Val

    the other one died in a car accident years ago

  • Fk

    Somebody rockin knockin your boots…dat was da shit

  • Nique

    I used to love this song! Classic baby makin music!They are 2 damn old for this foolishness now.

  • Nam

    @ FK .One of the H-TOWN members died a few years back


    Major Improvement! They Look Hot

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