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People With Common Sense Weren’t Having It

A YouTuber couldn’t seem to let the dead rest in peace when he tried to summon the spirit of Mac Miller after his death.

The stunt was pulled by ImJayStation (real name Jason Ethier)only a day after Mac Miller passed. The video Ethier posted of his so-called seance caused major backlash from fans, who thought Ethier was only trying to  make a buck and gain attention.

The clip even begins with Ethier asking viewers to click the thumbs up button as a “prayer for Mac Miller.” Then Ethier proceeds to pull out an electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) device which he says “scans the AM, FM radio waves at a really high pace” so that the spirit of Mac Miller can speak to him.

Throughout the video, Ethier tries to caption alleged muffled dialogue he hears from the speaker. At one point he even asks “Were you sad about Ariana Grande?”

Like, really?

Ethier continues to question the noise from the speaker and even asks for the reasons behind Mac’s death. Later in the clip, Ethier claims a voice belonging to Mac allegedly told him that he “made a mistake” and not to worry because the late rapper is OK. Ethier’s grand finale happens when a Grande video randomly comes on a nearby TV and the EVP device cuts off.

The 14-minute clip was dragged by many, especially since Ethier enabled ads on the video to make money. Viewers hit up the comment section, saying things like “You’re a delusional human being” and “You are wrong on so many levels exploiting people’s deaths.”

In an interview with The Daily Dot, Ethier dismissed the criticism saying, “Everyone gains attention from [celebrity] deaths, by talking about it, etc. I never talk trash about a celebrity who passed away and know several people who use [Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) devices] to try to communicate with lost loved ones.”

This isn’t the first time Ethier has tried to reach the afterlife either. He once tried to communicate with XXXTentacion using a ouija board too.

Though Ethier’s clips generate thousands of views, he is ending his “paranormal activity” videos, but not without a hint of bitterness.

“No I won’t do another celebrity who dies, even though if I did an EVP or ouija board video on Michael Jackson, Elvis, The Beatles, etc., people wouldn’t care if I did that,” Ethier told The Daily Dot.



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