Steve Harvey Bites Back Over Kris Jenner Causing Marital Problems And Cancellation Reports, “I’m Sick Of It!”

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Steve Harvey Is Big Mad Over Tabloid Stories About Him

In a recent telephone presser Steve Harvey talked about clapping back at rumors about him, including one story that he was divorcing his wife Marjorie for Kris Jenner in a split that would cost him his nonexistent $400 million fortune.

According to AJC reports:

“My wife came to me and said, ‘Do we have $400 million?'” Harvey told the press vis phone conference. “Nah. Not yet.”

“I’m sick of it,” he said. “They act like I don’t have family. They act like my kids can’t read. They don’t care. They just go out to destroy people with no facts behind it.”

Awwww poor Steve! Do y’all feel bad for him or nah? The report directly calls out The National Enquirer for reports about Harvey being “fired” from his own show and calling him a crook on one of their covers. Harvey reportedly told the press that he knows he could fight the paper in court but is gun shy about spending a fortune on legal costs — however he is in favor of more stringent libel laws for public figures.

Harvey also responds to the news that 11 NBC affiliates are planning to drop “Steve” for the 2019-2020 season for a new kelly Clarkson talk show.

“I’ve always been an optimistic person,” Harvey told reporters. “This is NBC’s decision… I don’t own any TV netorks but I’m not a grudge type of person. I happen to be a talent. I think people recognize that. Whateever happens with the show moving forward, I’ll be just fine.”

Harvey also revealed plans to give away more money during sweeps in November and have celebs like Boris Kodjoe and Kevin Hart on the show. Geoffrey Owens from “The Cosby Show” will be making an appearance on the show this week [Editor’s note: either Wednesday or Thursday, both are listed in the article].

And if you care — Steve says he’s cool with going gray now.

“I’m 61 years old,” he said. “I’ve got five grandkids now. To be honest, I got tired of dying my mustache.”

Harvey said this summer he decided to grow it all out, grays included.

“My wife liked it. I just think it’s time to change it up every 10 years. I cut my hair off at 50. I changed my suits eight years ago,” Harvey said.

Hee Hee @ changing his suits. Lawd knows those needed to be changed.

It looks like Steve is out here doing damage control — trying to soften up his image with some good press because we all know the public had some feelings about that note that got leaked AND the luxury lifestyle his wife and kids love flaunting!

What do you think about Steve? Can his show be saved?

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