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Fantasia was the main attraction at the VA Apple Blossom Festival this weekend. Tasia never lets us down: she’s always representing with that unique bootleg quality. We don’t know about this new choice of hair color, we might like the skunk hair better.

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  • lisabeller

    I know her. She is very popular on a rich club “m i l l i o n a i r e l o v e r . c o m” where the rich & celebrity have romance!

  • SoSo

    nooo fantasia noooo!

  • http://www.myspace.com/birdshu Bird

    I love Tasia. Lawd knows I do. But that chick been in the industry for like 4 years now and she still has a strangle hold on that so not cute ghetto swag. Even Keyshia gave it up after a year or so in the game. What is with Fantasia man?

  • ATLBlogger

    I could care less to hear her sing, but I love her style. She’s different, she’s like no other R&B artist in the industry. She got that R&B, punk swag going on.

  • Pops

    Are those pit stains on her fit? come on girl, you got the loot to get industrial strength deodorant.

  • Kompton's Kutie

    I’m never really feeling the hair, but I like Tasia and her daughter is Kute.

  • ConfusedintheAM

    Fantasia, you are a classic case of ‘when keeping it real goes wrong.’ You gotta go platinum at least 2-3 times and sell out standium as a headliner before you can ‘do you.’…Until then you have to play the game…..

    So lay off the cherry kool-aid hair dye until then baby okay/


    A Concerned Fan

  • ConfusedintheAM

    I meant sell out stadiums…..lol

    But for real..I love Fantasia and I want her to succeed if she could just pull herself out of the ‘gutter’ so to speak..

  • http://iolastar.com/blog Star

    This girl is sooooooooo talented, but sooooooo hood.

  • lynwood

    A future diva, great voice. She still needs to give up the Kool aid hair and do some crunches.

  • guilty pleasure

    * Trying to think of something nice to say *

  • as seen on t.v.

    fantasia is the literal interpretation of you can take the rat out the ghetto but not the ghetto out the rat…i love her music and i think she could go far because she is very talented but being so hood can hold you back…it took ms. blige a minute so maybe fannie will get there too, eventually…

  • tropical breeze

    o boy fantasisa again

    its dosen’t matter what this girl do to herself

    she would never look like a star…”then again is she” she alway look like a hood rat, maybe its me

    oh well

  • Ieshia



    Fantasia continue to be true to you and dont go for this fake stuff that is out now. This is what you call being content with what he (the man upstairs) gave you. People always trying to change something about you it dont work all the time. I just saw a new look from J-hud and it’s not her so fanny stay true girllllll.

  • 6 Figgaz

    I ain’t mad at Tasia — she ain’t hurtin’ nobody.

    She’s been rockin’ to her own beat for so long it’s obvious she don’t give a f*ck what anybody thinks anyway…

  • DaOne

    ‘Tasia keeps it real. Do you Tasia..and you can do you no matter how long you been in the game. Look at Amy Whinehouse hair and she won how many Grammy’s. Don’t let Hollyweird get to you just keep making good music. Pave your own way and let people hate…just like the Greats – P. Labelle and MJB(people hated thier style too). Some will hate it and some will love it.. But at least you’re doing you.

  • http://www.anythingblack.net www.anythingblack.net

    tasia change ya hair!


  • mills

    why does she have to change, I’m saying there is nothing bad about her, she has a good personality and she treats everyone with respect- she will never be miss prissy so why she should fake it- Keyshia cole and mary J blige needed to change because they had attitude problems- tasia does not!!!!

  • justme

    I like Tasia love her voice and her music! she has her own style and im not gonna hate!

  • bree

    i think it is time we stop expecting Fantasia to adhere to our standards of ‘stylish’..she just doesn’t want to leave this look behind..im done



  • Somer

    I read a blind item recently that at the the last grammys, a certain R&B singer learned that in order to compete she will have to totally reinvent herself away from the ghetto hood image. 80% of the responders guessed Fantansia since Keisha Cole had already started doing so. A few weeks after the grammys you saw some really nice pics of Tasha with black hair. I guess you can only remove the hood for so long before it call you back like crack.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Obviously, Fantasia doesn’t conform to industry beauty standards. While we all can agree that these looks are far from appealing, I can respect her doing her own thing, whether it be hood, stank or skank. At the end of the day, as long as she’s happy, healthy and making money, who cares? *shrugging*

  • Sunny Days

    love it @ anywhoo

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