Some Afternoon Swirl

- By Bossip Staff

Angela was spotted shopping for cell phone accessories with her man or whatever you want to call him. Funny how Terry Kennedy debuted his little Latina banger on Bossip yesterday, and later that day, she’s seen with her Latino piece, huh.

More pics of Angela swirling around Hollyweird under the hood.

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  • kasha

    She is very pretty….Me no like his high yellow skin color…YUCK…..

  • The Brown Hornet


  • kasha

    @ The Brown Hornet
    Actually YOU ARE NOTTT!!!

  • Chocolate Wisdom (Droppin Knowledge like it was HOTTT!)

    I hope those boots are comfortable…

  • Octavia

    NOPE! There is nothing “funny” about it. They are moving on after a break up. That’s what normal people do. The fact that they have been seen with people who are not black doesn’t make it more interesting….

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Babegyrl™

    Any we care WHY??????????

    Keep it move’n people, Keep it move’n!


  • http://bossip MoniSings

    This was newsworthy?

  • SiDeWayZ

    BOOOO that’s has 2 be her gay friend! Dude looks fruity….

  • ms lovely


    yea thats a lie just yesterday u was downing black women…smh

  • enkogkneegro

    Jus Dabble ?….WTF…LOL

  • Rihanna's sharp n pointy witchy fingernails took the oath

    he looks douchey and she’s just plain old fugged


    she was seen wit him first idiots. anyways im sure both them couples will break up in about 2 seconds

  • Nay Sayer

    I can’t remember his name. But he is a music producer. He’s got boo-koo money. He’s already well known.


    he’s mad ugly

  • MsChellBellz

    I really like those boots.

  • da4seentruth

    lol… day cat looks like an arab or one of those native indian latinos. swirl? not really. i wouldnt consider it.

  • What?

    Uuuuumm, I’m sick of looking at these chicks. They’re not all that. They have to wear tons of make-up to look OK. I’m so sick of these washed-up celebrities kids getting all this attention just because they’re their offspring. Who CARES!!! That outfit is mad shitty too. Sorry.

  • Miss Cash

    so what…..

  • MsRachael

    I don’t consider latin and black couples as swirl couples. Some of them come out darker than us. Now don’t get me wrong though, Spanish people are sometimes even more racist than white people…. but I can’t understand why.

  • Yin

    I’m not feelin’ those boots at all!

  • shonda

    i think that’s one of the two guys from that houston rap group PLAYZSKILLZ they got that song called Call Me. It’s pretty good.


    she has apig nose

  • nia

    latinos are racist

  • :-/

    @nia you’re generalizing..not all latinos are racist. You’re gonna tell me all black people are not racists? I’m glad I had the opportunity to grow up with latinos that treated me like family. I don’t understand why this is a big deal. This is the norm in a lot of parts of the country. When black women step out with other races it’s an issue. When black men do it it seems to be ok now. GTFOH. Next topic.

  • :-/

    BTW it’s her life. Y do we give a f*ck. She’s dated black men too.

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