Mafia boss Whitey Bulger reportedly killed inside his prison cell

The Departed: 89-Year-Old Murderous Mafia Boss Whitey Bulger Killed In His Prison Cell

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Image via Bureau of Prisons/Getty Images

Mafia Boss Whitey Bulger Killed In His Cell

If you’ve seen the movie The Departed, then you kind of have an idea of who Whitey Bulger is.

Jack Nicholson played the dramatic and psychotic mob boss who wasn’t the least bit afraid to murder you and everyone you love. Bulger was also portrayed by Johnny Depp in the film Black Mass that offered another side of Bulger’s bloodlust. When things got hot for Whitey back in 1975, he became an FBI informant and dropped dime on the mob to save his a$$. His a$$ was not saved. Bulger fled the city on the day he was going to be indicted on a slew of charges, including murder. On June 22, 2011 Whitey was found, arrested and subsequently sentenced to life in prison.

Well, according to DailyMail, the now 89-year-old Bulger was found murdered in his prison cell today by fellow inmate who had mob ties.

Bulger had just been transferred to an admittedly short-staffed West Virginia prison called USP Hazelton where there have been three homicides in the past three months. The Bureau of Prisons officials refused to explain why the mobster was transferred.

At one point, Bulger was one of the most wanted criminals in United States history, seems a lil’ strange that all of a sudden at damn-near 90 years old he was transferred and murdered.

Either that’s one hell of a grudge to hold for all these years, or…



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