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Omari Hardwick was suppose to be promoting his new film “Nobody’s Fool” with Tika Sumpter on the Breakfast Club Wednesday, but things took a turn when a fan called in and said the Power star denied her a photo.

The caller claimed:

I was in Brooklyn Bridge Park and I spotted Omari Hardwick. I told him he was a great actor and that I was fan and I asked if I could get a photo with him. He was like “No photos because I’m with my family.” So I said, “Oh really, okay,” and started to walk off. He started screaming at me “All you care about is Ghost, you don’t care about my family.” I said “Now I see that you’re a complete assh***” and I turned around and walked away.

Omari told his side of the story, saying:

She said “really?  I said “Really. I’m with my family, God Bless You.” Then she stays. I said “You’re staring at me, you’re not even acknowledging my family.” I’m like “Are you tryna buck up at my. I said it! Why are you starrng?” Sometimes [my wife] takes the camera and snaps the picture, so obviously she’s a secure woman. Obviously the people that Tika and I go home to are secure people.”

He continued on about his wife:

“Ni**a [my wife] saved my life. You don’t know the story. Ni**a I was broke as fu**. She saved my fu**ing life, chill the fu** out. Relax. And then acknowledge her enough. You acknowledge that she’s a breathing entity. Muthafu**as is crazy.”

Moral of this interview is that MF’s are definitely crazy. Check out the full interview above.


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