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Melissa McKinnies Claims Her Son Danye Jones Didn’t Commit Suicide

An activist who made her mark in Ferguson, Missouri in the wake of the Mike Brown shooting believes something sinister happened to her late son.

Melissa McKinnies is demanding answers after her son Danye Jones was found hanging from a tree in her backyard on October 17.

McKinnies posted a graphic photo to Facebook of Danye hanging with sheets around his neck and captioned it, “They lynched my baby.” According to police, however, Danye Jones’ death was a suicide.

McKinnies has since spoken to KMOV and told them that the sheets used to hang him didn’t come from their house and the knots used to tie the sheets were advanced. She’s also adamant that Donye wasn’t suicidal and was in the process of starting a business.

Not only that, she told KMOV that she’d been getting death threats through social media and she recently spotted someone watching her house.

“They watched my house and when my husband and my son would approach the car, they would drive off,” said McKinnies.

She also says that there was a knot on Danye’s face and his pants were rolled down.

Mind you, there’s speculation that Ferguson protestors are being targeted. DeAndre Joshua was found shot to death inside a burned vehicle in November 2014 and Darren Seals, another protestor, was found shot to death in a burned vehicle in September 2016.

The investigations into their deaths are still ongoing.

Edward Crawford, the protestor who was seen in an iconic photo throwing tear gas back at riot police was found shot to death in his car. His death was ruled a suicide.



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