Respect Her Vote: Here’s 10 Reasons Amber Rose Says We Should Be Hitting The Polls

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Amber Rose is encouraging people of colour to vote in the next US election.

Amber Rose Embraces Voting As Part Of Her Activism Theme For SlutWalk

Amber Rose’s Slutwalk 2018 grabbed headlines as usual this year, but we want to make sure those who follow the model and activist aren’t missing out on the activism theme Amber embraced for this year’s big event, which took place exactly one month before this year’s midterm elections.

Rose partnered with Hip Hop Caucus’ non-partisan Respect My Vote! campaign as a spokesperson and to collaborate on a special campaign leading up to Election Day on November 6th, to educate, inspire, and mobilize young people to the polls on women’s issues.

“We can’t continue to give power to people in office who oppose women having control over our own bodies, and access to health care we need, and protection from sexual harassment at work. By voting we take away their power and we empower people in office who are and will fight for women’s equality. And, that’s our goal with the partnership between SlutWalk and Hip Hop Caucus’ ‘Respect My Vote!’ campaign.”

To kick off the partnership, Amber Rose SlutWalk and Respect My Vote! released Amber Rose’s Top 10 Reasons We Should Vote, focused on the ways in which those we elect make critical decisions on policies that can either bring us towards greater equality and opportunity for women, or set us back.

“I am committed to ending rape culture and slut shaming and empowering women with the freedom to be who they want to be and achieve what they want to achieve,” Amber Rose said in a press release about the partnership. “We are working to change the culture, but we also have to change our laws to fully protect women from harassment, get justice for violence against women, and ensure equal opportunity for women at work and in school. That is why activism is the theme of SlutWalk this year. We are going to exercise our activism by voting. I am excited to partner with Hip Hop Caucus on the ‘Respect My Vote!’ campaign. We are going from the poles to the polls!”

The 10 reasons are what Rose along with SlutWalk and Hip Hop Caucus voters are calling on candidates and elected officials to fight for on behalf of women:

#1 Rape and Violence Against Women

#2 Reproductive Health

#3 Equal Pay

#4 Mass Incarceration

#5 LGBTQ Equality

#6 Paid Family Leave

#7 Sexual Harassment

#8 Immigration

#9 Environmental Justice & Health

#10 Student Loans and Education.

All great reasons right?! Amber’s Respect My Vote page also allowed visitors to register to vote and pledge to vote. When people take the pledge to vote, they receive text and email updates from Rose and Respect My Vote! that inspire people to vote, and that also provide information on polling locations, what to bring to the polls, and how to protect your vote.

Respect My Vote! also released an Amber Rose special edition Respect My Vote! shirt for Slut-Walk on Oct. 6. The shirt represents the essence of the power of women at the polls.

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