The Marrow’s Have a Family Outing…

- By Bossip Staff

Ice-T, Coco and Tracy Jr.(Baby Ice) were all suited and booted for the 2009 Voice Awards. Baby Ice is growing up, last time we saw him was back in 08′. No matter how much Coco covers up, we still can’t see anyone calling her mommy…

Pop it for the family Portrait


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  • ...*MOcarsMOclothesMOjewelsMOdoe*...


  • Octavia

    Alright then… fam looking kinda clean together. Go head.

  • H2O ***THE WATER BOY***

    He looks like a Chinese Pimp

  • Nick In ATL

    That mo fo came out good! If he ain’t gay, he is a certified banger.

  • %#&?!! will soon stop coming to bossip

    all the posts above…

  • %#&?!! will soon stop coming to bossip

    NUMBA 7

  • Bama Girrl

    I’m pretty sure Ice T’s son is very Gay.

  • cris

    @Bombay yes thats Darlenes son she still looks good too.

  • Old School

    Why does the boy have to be gay?


    Ice T’s son is not gay and he’s a good looking dude. I’d give him a few more years and uhh I might have to get my cougar steez on…

  • dia

    that boy is 17 leave him alone


    Hey I’m only human and i see the potential in the young man. 17 is a lil young so he needs a lil time to ripen on the vine play with those lil girls, he can’t handle all this right here. lol I’m wrong and I’m sorry.

  • TMan

    Was Darlene … Latina, Asian or Filipina?

  • eveinthegarden

    Lil Ice is a cutie pie.

  • cris

    I think shes latina & black

  • dame fierce

    i like coco’s body she looks stunning,a perfect body role model in a world where all you see in magazines are twigs and broom sticks.

  • Misssexytexas

    Lil Ice is too cute….and he dont look gay to me

  • Moreaces

    His son is Fine, but, I would only guess that he might be gay,, which is not a bad thing,, just what I see.



  • GAY

    You dumb asses. That’s not her child. And that kid was born in 1992 let him become a man before y’all get R. Kellyish. Thirsty.

  • Willona

    He’s a cutie, but instead of Baby Ice he looks more like a Baby Prince.

  • lmao

    CoCo looks nice, shes maturing and coming into her own. I can see her being a good mom cause she cooks and cleans according to IceT

  • memchee

    can’t he be metrosexual!

    not feelin’ the hair, but he’s a lil’ cutie.

  • !!!!!R.IP MIKE!!!!!


  • Darkesthourglass

    They look alright. But why do people assume that every other guy posted on the site to be gay?

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