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Dog Almost Burns Down House After Accidentally Turning On Stove

A dog who wanted to get some scraps off the stove almost caused a catastrophe. Inside Edition spoke with Matthew Ruffino whose security camera footage caught the moment his dog Dahlia accidentally started a kitchen fire after turning on the stove.

Dahlia the German shepherd is seen jumping up on the side of the stove and accidentally switching on the gas burner. Within seconds a case of soda catches fire as Dahlia and a second dog, Hendrix cowers in the corner.

One of the cans explode and the dogs scurry away.

Luckily Dahlia’s little accident didn’t cause permanent damage and the fire burned out before it spread.

“I’ve never known of a dog being able to start a stove like that,” Rufino told Inside Edition. “So after actually seeing her nose turn it on, I was blown away. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

Watch Dahlia nearly cause a catastrophe below.


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