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Trump Says Reporter Abby Phillip’s Question Is “Stupid”

That deplorable thing y’all call a “President” is back at it. After insulting April Ryan by telling her to “sit down” and calling her a “loser”, Oxidized Orange Juice In Office disrespected another black female journalist.

While speaking to press outside of the White House, Dumpster Diving Dorito took offense to CNN journalist Abby Phillip asking him about special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. According to Cheeto, that was a “stupid question” and Phillip “always asks stupid questions.”


Phillip being the classy, professional journalist she is, has since given a diplomatic response to Unhinged In Office’s latest outburst. According to the diligent White House correspondent, she simply asked him a “pressing question.”

(One that he clearly didn’t want to answer so he cowardly decided to insult her instead)

“I tried to ask him multiple questions during the gaggle. He ignored most of them,” said Abby. “I did ask him one of what I think is the most pressing questions that a lot of people have about this Matt Whitaker appointment, which is ‘what’s the intention here, does the president want his new acting attorney general to rein in Robert Mueller?’It’s the most important question here because there are a lot of really clear questions about whether Matt Whitaker ought to be doing that given what he said publicly in the past about Mueller.”


QUEEN. We applaud Abby for holding it together after clearly being disrespected.


The Egregiously Embarrassing Piss Puddle of a President is who some of y’alls lil friends voted into office. How deplorable can you get?


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