Who Looked More Bangin???

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce & Kimora were spotted at the Superheroes Fashion & Fantasy Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art last night.

So of course, we must ask: Who Looked More Bangin???

Check out more pics including Venus Williams & Thandie Newton right about now

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  • KAM

    First! B!! For sure!

  • KAM

    Kimora looks great too though!

  • fshgoiu

    she is pretty and hot,right?

    She is a hot member of a celeb dating club ” M a r r y m i l l i o n a i r e . c o m ” It was said that she wanna seek for rich man to date. Who will be the lucky rich man?

  • WHAT?

    I’m sorry…Bey looks good, but something seems a lil off. Usually she has this perfect thing going on and it’s not there in this pic…

  • Shardy

    Kimora is killing it… Bey don’t look pregnant to me

  • Patricia

    B’s dress is nice, but once again something I just think she could have still done better. I feeling Kimora’s dress, and the photographer KNOWS they are wrong for taking that pic of Janet and JD from the angle-only time in his life that he is taller than her!

  • Trini Chica BK

    Bey and Kimora both look a bit bigger. Beyonce has put on some weight. The white dress does not hide the gain.

  • Krush Groovin

    Neither! Kimo looks like a anorexic sumo wrestler in a print dress that was inspired from the jacket of a black romance novel and beyawnce is just plain boring.

    Why she put that dress on if she just gonna try to hide her hips all night. She cant even move her arms in another position!

  • WHAT?

    Um..Shardy…I didn’t start showing until I was 5 months…LOL…there could be a lil something roasting in there.

  • swoosh

    they both look nice

  • B

    Bey isn’t looking good here…something just isn’t right…maybe the hair and pose…she has looked better.


    Beyonce of course is the best thing and will always hotter.

    Check out this artist @


  • DaOne

    Kimora’s dress is killing it…I’ve never seen anyone rock a dress like that. I give her an “W” for “Work B&^TC”! Bey’s dress is beautiful, just not a fierce..and she always have a dazed phony smile. MJB is working it also and I see ya Venus. All the ladies look nice.

  • guilty pleasure

    Janet looks the best!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ghsoieu


  • ATLBlogger

    I like Bey dress, but Kimora worked it on this one. And JOY BRYANT, where do I start? Did u not look at a mirror b 4 stepping out of the house? Goddamn, every pic I see of her, the outfits just gets worser and worse.

  • mari

    luv kimora’s dress, something new for her…but beyonce doesn’t do it for me, she looks great too but she always does the same stiff pageant pose…i hate that

  • Keisha

    Did Paula Patton have her baby, have not heard a peep about baby. But she is out and about

  • SoSo

    Bey takes it. Kimora doesn’t even compare. Who does?

  • fhsgoiue

    she is pretty and hot,right?

    She is a hot member of a celeb dating club ” M a r r y m i l l i o n a i r e . c o m ” It was said that she wanna seek for rich man to date. Who will be the lucky rich man?

  • http://myspace.com/afiya00 Afiya

    I like Kimora’s gown the best…all the ladies look nice actually…but I wish Mary would change that barbie-doll looking wig…I just wanna run up and pull it off her head…

  • ghsfhjhgfj


  • Carlos


  • The Real Lauren, the only Lauren, I know u wanna be me, its cute.

    Beyonce takes it but Kimora dress is beautiful, and Joy Bryant will NEVER get it right.

  • I'm Just Me


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