Et Tu, Drayte? Draymond Green Suspended 1 Game For Calling Kevin Durant All Types Of “B!t¢#es”

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Draymond Green Suspended For 1 Game For Cursing Out Kevin Durant

“We supposed to be brothas!” goes the famous line in Menace II Society as a young man is being robbed at gunpoint for his Mustang and some fast food.

Apparently, Draymond Green either didn’t see this film or didn’t take in the message, because Monday night in a game against the Clippers a mercurial Draymond was NOT treating Kevin Durant like his closest kin. He was treating him like a bi**h, or at least that what he was calling KD on the bench. A bi**h. A lot of ’em. And that was what happened ON the court.

According to ESPN, here’s how it all started. Near the end of regulation, Draymond grabbed a rebound completely ignored a wide-open and hysterically clapping Kevin Durant who was calling for the ball in an attempt to win the game, and lost control of the ball before a shot could be taken. Both men were frustrated on the bench and Draymond unleashed one of his typical bratty tirades on KD.

According to ESPN, things got even uglier back in the locker room after teammates chided Draymond for his poor decision. In defending himself, Draymond got loud and wrong. So loud and so wrong that people outside hear the commotion. Coach Steve Kerr did his best to tamp down the extent of the incident.

“Draymond is always going to be who he is,” Kerr said. “Draymond is a powerful force. You guys know that. He’s a huge reason why we’ve had so much success here, and Draymond is going to continue playing the way he plays, and I don’t see him operating any other way.”

Draymond is going to be who he is, abrasive, and KD is going to be who he is, sensitive and petty. These two might kiss and make up, but KD will not forget when it comes down to free agency this summer…

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