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Love Triangle Leads To Woman Shooting Boyfriend’s Mistress

This is a sad story that started with a 37-year-old Wisconsin man, Willie Shavers who was creeping behind his girlfriend Misti Kruchten’s back, also 37. The mistress, Elaina Rookard, 19, was confronted and a fight ensued, unfortunately, a gun was drawn and the mistress was murdered. Now the man in the middle of it is telling his side to a local news station, Fox6.

“Emotionally, I’m destroyed. Because I loved both women dearly, and I can’t get Elaina back. That’s really killing me. Both of these are two loving people. It’s just an incident that got out of hand,” said Willie Shavers.

Shavers reportedly dated Kruchten for six years, and is staying in the home they shared, with Kruchten’s two children. He created a memorial out front for his other girlfriend, Rookard. Shavers told reporters that he thought he and his girlfriend  “had an understanding”. But, not according to a witness in the car with Krutchen that night. They told police she had followed Shaver’s car when she had suspected him on cheating, eventually confronting him and Misti and a fight ensued.

“I’m trying to pull (Elaina) up off of Misti. Every time I calmed Elaina down, (Elaina’s friend) — she’s the one who started Elaina back up with it,” said Shavers. Shavers said he went back inside to check on the kids and then…”Before I got ready to respond, I heard, ‘bang.’ I jumped back. I was shocked. I see Misti stand up, I see Elaina fall and I fell to the ground. Elaina found out about Misti weeks ago, but we got over that. We still had our understanding of what was going on between us.” said Shavers.

Here’s a video of his account of what happened.

SMH. Just TERRIBLE. RIP to the teen who lost her life in this. Misti Kruchten faces a single charge of first-degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon and she is in custody.


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