Go With God: American “Missionary” Killed With Arrows Trying To Convert Aboriginal Tribe To Christianity

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Nosy American Missionary Killed By Aboriginal Tribe In India

Aye, don’t be going to other people’s country and try to tell them about some guy in some book that you like a lot, fam. They have their own thing and they ain’t buyin’ what you’re selling.

Somebody should have told 27-year-old Alabama native John Allen Chau that before he took his happy a$$ over to India messing with folk.

According to The Sun, Chau was illegally ferried to North Sentinel Island in the Indian Ocean and shot down with arrows by the aboriginal tribe called Sentinelese. The Sentinelese people have protected status by the government and are not to be contacted by the outside world. When they saw what appeared to be a white devil, they got their arch-and-point on with extreme prejudice.

Here’s what a source said about Chau’s death:

“He tried to reach the Sentinel island on November 14 but could not make it. Two days later he went well prepared. He left the dinghy midway and took a canoe all by himself to the island.

“He was attacked by arrows but he continued walking. The fishermen saw the tribals tying a rope around his neck and dragging his body.

“They were scared and fled but returned next morning to find his body on the sea shore.”

Here’s what’s wild about this whole thing: as we mentioned, the Sentinelese are protected people so no murder case can be brought against the killers. Hell, the gov’t is trying to figure out how to at least retrieve Chau’s body from the island.

Moral of the story in the words of Wild’n Out/85 South podcaster/comedian Karlous Miller, stop touching s#!t.

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