ATTENTION: Kurt Cobain Had A Strong Message For White Rappers In Newly Unearthed Interview

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Nirvana en concert en 1994

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The Nirvana Lead Gives His Unfiltered Take

Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain had some opinions about White rappers that could put the mayo spitters and their fans in a stir. In a newly unearthed interview, he followed up on comments he made in the past when he said White people should leave rap music to Black folks.

The newly unearthed interview was posted to Bandcamp by Roberto Lorusso. It’s called “My Embarrassing Interview With Kurt Cobain” and is dated to September 20, 1991. Lorusso was an aspiring musician and a student at Western University’s campus radio station at the time of the interview.

In the clip, Lorusso brought up an interview Kurt did with a Canadian magazine where he said, “The white man ripped off the Black man long enough. They should leave rap music to the African-Americans because they do it so well and it is so vital to them.”

When Kurt was re-read his quote, he joked to Lorusso, “Was I drunk at that time?” But then, he followed up by saying, “I’m a fan of rap music, but most of it is so misogynist that I can’t even deal with it.”

He continued, “I’m really not that much of a fan, I totally respect and love it because it’s one of the only original forms of music that’s been introduced, but the White man doing rap is just like watching a White man dance. We can’t dance, we can’t rap.”

Leaves you to wonder how Kurt would feel about the Post Malones and Machine Gun Kellys of today…or even Eminem.

Lorusso, who’s now a physics teacher in London, Ontario, reflected on his unearthed interview with CTV recently. “Nirvana wasn’t huge at that point… (I had) no idea that it was going to be such a meteoric rise of the artist at the time, but nonetheless for me, it was a big deal and I was remarkably nervous.”

Kurt was 24 at the time of Lorusso’s interview. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in April 1994 at age 27.

You can check out Lorusso’s full 9-minute interview in the clip below.

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