Weird Flex, But OK: Someone Hacked Drake’s Fortnite Account And Yelled The N-Word During A Livestream

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Hacker Poses As Drake To Play Fortnite With Popular Streamer

Earlier in 2018, Drake broke popular streaming platform Twitch’s viewership record while playing Fortnite with a gamer by the name of Ninja. The rapper hasn’t been seen gaming since (the night he played with Ninja was actually the same day he found out he WAS the father of baby Adonis) but on November 2, Ninja thought he was finally going to be joined by his old pal.

As he played Fortnite to raise money for The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund, Ninja was joined by who he thought to be Drake, playing from the rapper’s account. As it turns out, though, the whole stream got an extremely rude awakening once the apparent Drake imposter let loose a couple racial slurs during the gaming session.

In the video of the incident, we hear Ninja speaking to a person who is using Drake’s Fortnite username. Within only a few minutes, it becomes very clear that the voice speaking through the rapper’s account is most definitely different from that of the man himself. Things become even more obvious, though, when the unidentified hacker starts shouting the N-word out of nowhere.

After the abrupt interference and very odd interaction, Ninja confirms that the rapper’s account had been hacked. “That’s not Drake,” the gamer reassured fans at one point during the Twitch broadcast.

While being completely befuddled over the situation himself, Ninja ends the game after addressing the imposter’s actions. “What do you do about that, man?” he asked his viewers before inevitably ending the game. “That’s awkward, on a charity stream, man. Gotta love it, dude.”

Check out the video of Drake’s Fortnite account getting hacked below, all of which went down live on a charity stream. The awkward encounter with the hacker letting off some racial slurs occurs around the 4:55 mark.


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