Indian police try twice to retrieve body of killed American missionary

Ha! You Thought! Indian Officials Tried Twice To Retrieve Body Of Arrogant White-ish Missionary, Met With Arrows And Spears

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Scene of the Crime

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Indian Authorities Try Twice To Recover Killed Missionary’s Body

Check it out, chief. Ain’t gonna be no retrieval. It’s a dub. Move around.

Remember the story we reported about the white-ish American “missionary” who went to a sacred island to contact the aboriginal tribe known as the Sentinelese? Well, officials in India have been trying to land on the island to get John Allen Chau’s body to return it to America, but it doesn’t appear that that is going to happen according to the National Post.

Boats carrying police and other state officials approached the island of North Sentinel without ever making landfall on Friday. The report states that they watched the island with binoculars hoping to see an opportunity to get Chau’s body and dip, no dice. On Saturday when the group returned for a second look, the Sentinelese tribesman were waiting on the shore with arrows and spears.

This isn’t the first time the Sentinelese stood their ground. Back in 2006 the tribe killed two fisherman and propped their corpses upright on the shoreline. Those bodies were never recovered either. Try them if you want.

Chau wanted to go there and make contact and he was contacted, sharply. *shrug*



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