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Now, this is a mess…

T.M. Landry College Prep Accused Of Falsifying Records

A Louisiana school that made headlines with viral videos of their working-class students being accepted and enrolling in elite colleges is being exposed by The New York Times.

The publication put out an extensive report alleging that T.M. Landry College Prep has been falsifying records for their students. The false information allegedly sent to the universities came in the form of inaccurate transcripts and fake student accomplishments. T.M. Landry Prep students were often seen in viral videos wearing college sweatshirts and gleefully reading acceptance letters.


To make matters even worse, the New York Times alleged that the couple who runs the school, Michael and Tracey Landry, fostered a “culture of fear” with physical and emotional abuse that included choking and forcing students to kneel on rice, rocks and hot pavement.

“More than a half-dozen students interviewed said they had witnessed Mr. Landry choking their schoolmates, and three students observed him slam others on desks. Another three students said they saw Mr. Landry place a child with autism in a closet.

Michael Landry has since admitted to The Times that he hit students.

Outraged parents reported that their students were falling behind in development at the now unaccredited private school where classes were optional and where they accepted over $250K this year alone in donations.

“At least eight parents interviewed by The Times had their own students assessed. Of their 11 students, only two were performing at grade level, while the rest had fallen behind or made no progress. One junior was performing at a fourth-grade level in reading and math.”


Wow, wow, wow.

There’s so much more to the story like the Landrys allegedly falsifying college recommendation letters with fake stories about sbused homes and the Landrys allegedly retaliating against students who leave.

Can you believe they got away with this farce???

Read the whole story here.


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